Steemgg is Live!

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Today, we are pleased to announce that Steemgg, the first HTML5 gaming distribution platform based on the STEEM blockchain, is Live!

Check out our site at


What is Steemgg

Steemgg is a game distribution platform based on the STEEM blockchain. Steemgg allow game developers to upload their game through our platform onto the steem blockchain, and in doing so, game developers get earnings for their creation through the means of upvote, some of which is provided by our official account @steemgg.

At the same time, gamers can visit our site and directly play the games uploaded by game developers, without needing to download or pay. They can then choose to support the games they like through upvotes. Similar to steemit posts, they are incentivised to upvote the games they liked by getting a share of the voting reward.

For more information about our project, you can find an introduction to our project here.

How to Use Steemgg

Using Steemgg is easy. Here is a little set of instructions for you.

1) First, head to our site using your favourite browser.


2) Click on Log In. You will be redirected to SteemConnect to log in.


3) You are now logged in. Your username should be visible at the top right corner of the page.


What you do next depends on whether you want to play a game, or upload a game

To play a game:

Simply Click on a game that interests you and start playing! Clicking on the game will you to the game page.

game screen 1.JPG

You can make the game full screen by clicking the square button at the bottom right. Toggle back to browser by hitting the Esc key.

Scrolling down the screen, you will see the name of the game, the author of the game, and when it was first uploaded. Underneath that, you will find the detailed game description.


If you like the game, you can support the game developer by upvoting their game. This can be done with the little thumbs icon on the right just under the game. You can choose the voting power % that you want to use to upvote the game.

You can also let the author know what you think about their game by leaving a comment below. You can also reply or upvote other people's comments here.

You can also report the game should you find the game offensive, inappropriate, or suspected plagiarism. Note that we discourage flagging a game just because you don't like it - you can leave a comment for the author to see so they could improve in their next game. When you click on the flag, you will be asked to make a comment as to why you think the game should be taken off our site. Our moderators will review these comments to see if the accusation is indeed valid (to avoid misuse of flagging), and then communicate with the game developer to see if the problem can be fixed. Only when the game developer do not comply that we will remove the game from our site. Note that traditional downvoting is not available on our platform. This is to discourage misuse. If you have a problem with a certain user or game, please use the report function or speak to us at our discord channel.


To Upload a game:

To upload a game, you first need to access the upload game page by clicking the "Upload Game" button on the top of the page. This will take you to the uploading page. There are two parts to the page. The first part, "Game Information", allow you to enter the name, description and cover image of your game. You can then choose the size and type of your game. Finally, by clicking the button "Click to Upload", you will bring up a prompt to select your game for upload.


Note that currently, we only support html5 game formats. Please upload your game as a zip file. The zip file should contain all the game files, as well as an index.html file in the root folder of the zip file. Note: You should zip the game files at the PARENT directory of the folder containing the index.html file, but not the CURRENT directory of index.html


Note that while in general there is no requirement as what game you upload, we do require that the game is your own (or have the permission to publish the original game developer who made the game). As a token of accepting this requirement, we required all games uploaded to have the poster's steemit username embedded in the game somewhere, and checking the box that indicate that you have acknowledged that you have the rights to publish this game, before you can actually upload the game.


Once you clicked "Create", your game will be uploaded onto the system. However, your game would need to be approved by one of our moderators before being available for the public to play. The role of a moderator is to make sure the quality of the game uploaded is up to scratch, and that the game content is not illegal or overly offensive. If your game do get rejected, you have the chance to either modify your game based on the moderator's comments, or you can communicate with us on Discord to put forward your case.

You can track the status of your games on your profile page. This can be accessed by clicking on the cog wheel button beside your username on the top right of the Steemgg home page. This will take you to your profile page.


The Live Games tab shows all games that have been approved and are live.

The Pending Games tab shows all games that you have uploaded that are pending for approval.

The Reported Games tab shows any games that you uploaded that have been reported.

Even with your game uploaded and approved, you would need to create a new post to receive upvotes. In order to circumvent the 7 days limit for rewards in the STEEM blockchain, you are allowed to make multiple posts for each game so that you can earn rewards indefinitely. To make a post for your game, you can do it on the uploading page, filling in the bottom section "New Post for Game". You can choose either to use the game description as the content of your post, or you can write a custom post.


Alternatively, on the "Live Games" tab on your profile page you would have the option to make a new post for each of your Live Games. Note that we would recommend not exceeding per day for each game to avoid being accused of spamming. We would also recommend that each of your new post should contain new information, such as updates that you have done, new game instructions, or even just responding to comments on your games.


Should you have any trouble at any one of the steps above, please feel free to contact us on our discord channel, and we would be happy to answer any questions

Other Important Information

Browser Compatibility

As the UI is based on the framework of Vue, Steemgg should have the same browser compatibility as Vue in most cases.


However, We recommend using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari or Opera to access our platform.

Platform Compatibility

Right now, our platform only supports PC. Windows, MacOS and Linux(Desktop) are all supported operating system.

Currently We DO NOT support Mobile. However, we aim to provide mobile support in the near future.

Official Upvotes

Currently, the @steemgg account is committed to upvoting every single game that is approved on our platform. Depending on whether we get significant delegation and the overall traffic of the site, this arrangement may change. We will update everyone when that happens.

We also have a curation trial @steemgg.curation that will be following the same voting rules as the official @steemgg account. So by following our curation trail you will be helping to reward game developers who are posting games on our platform. Note that we deliberately created the @steemgg.curation account such that the official account @steemgg is least exposed to security breaches. So if you would like to delegate, please delegate to our official account @steemgg.

Commission Fees

Currently, for each post, Steemgg will be taking 25% of the rewards. Almost half of that will go towards the monthly costs of the servers to make sure your game stays permanently. A part will also be going towards the SP and SBD pool of the official @steemgg account for promotion activities of the platform (competitions, game jams etc), games promotion (we will be writing regular reviews of good games uploaded onto our platform), and in general increasing the voting power of @steemgg such that games are better rewarded. Of the 75% of the reward remaining, 25% will be shared between all users who voted on the post (Curation rewards), while 75% of the reward goes to the creator of the game. So if a total accumulated amount of 100 SBD was obtained for the post after 7 days, Steemgg will get 25 SBD, curators will get 18.75 SBD and the game creator will get 56.25 SBD.

If circumstances change in a good way (e.g. if we get significant delegation or if we get a large number of users) that is enough to support the running costs of our platform, we will consider lowering our commission. We will update everyone when that happens.

Calling All Game Developers

Currently, our platform only have a few games, as a demonstration of the capability of the platform and provide gamers some examples of what they will see on our platform. However, we would need YOU, the game developers, to provide us with good contents to strive! So we are calling all game developers who already have a html5 game or two, to upload your game onto our site. All you need to do is to embed your steemit username into your game somewhere, and you are ready to go! We look forward to seeing your brilliant games on Steemgg!

How to get Involved?

If you are a steemian that support our idea, there are many ways you could help!

  • Upvote, Resteem and Follow! Follow us to get up to date information of our project, as well as various competitions that we will be running in the near future.

  • Delegate to us - We will be upvoting games posted on our platform to encourage indie game developers to use Steemgg and the steem blockchain. Delegating SP will allow us to reward developers and gamers better and attract them onto not only our platform but the STEEM ecosystem as a whole. We will only use @steemgg to upvote approved games on our platform, as well as promotional posts on @steemgg and nothing else.

  • You can also help us reward and recgonise good games on our site by following our curation trail. Even if the monetary value is limited, your upvote is still a big encouragement for a independent game dev just starting out, and motivate them to make better games in the future. Our curation trial is setup using @steemgg.curation on Steemauto

  • Talk to us - Come find us at our discord channel if you have anything you want to chat with us about.


Hi witness buddies, our project, the first HTML5 gaming distribution platform based on the STEEM blockchain, https://steemgg is on live:

@abit, @arcange, @ausbitbank, @emrebeyler, @ety001, @jackmiller, @justyy, @puncakbukit, @quochuy, @skenan, @therealwolf, @utopian-io

Welcome to enjoy this journey. Feedback is welcome at any time.

This is going to be big and going to be a game changer!

Wow! This is cool. I spend some time this morning playing Jump Fatty. Fun game.

I also tested up-voting and commenting and it worked fine.

I do like the evergreen content idea. I wonder how that will work out in the long run.

Don't worry about the 25% beneficiary rewards. Dtube also started out with this before changing to another model when they got much bigger.

25% seems more than fair for the platform you are providing for developers to upload their games for now.

Wish you guys all the best with this project.

Thank you very much for your kind comments and testing of the platform. We hope to have more games on our platform soon to build the momentum that is needed. We do hope to grow to a size that we could afford to provide better rewards to both developers and gamers alike.

We are very grateful from all the supports that we have been getting so far from the Steemit community. Thank you very much!

I have two games I want to upload, but I have to say something about them:

  • One of them, I don't have the source code anymore. Or at least I don't know where the Backup is. So I can't embed my username in it. Though since I already have "by ahmadmanga" or something similar in it, I think it's okay... Right?

  • I'm upgrading the other one to a steemit exclusive version (which will only stay exclusive for a limited time.) So it might take a while before I publish it.

EDIT: For those interested I got this reply on Discord:

looks like embedding user name needs to be a hard and fast rule, no exception!!

I hope you find the backup soon! Look forward to your games

Just want to note, for those interested, we do not require exclusivity at this stage, so please feel free to upload games that have been published else-where. We may plan to make some games exclusive to Steemit users later down the track to attract more players from outside of Steemit though.

wow, cool! Good luck with this. Another interesting steem project that explores blockchain possibilities


I just played some "Jumpy Fatty". It is easy to browse the site and I think if you get more developers to publish their games on your site it could be really interesting :)

Do you plan to aquire the domain instead of

Kind regards,

The Secret Service

Interesting thought. Is that domain name still available?


Yes the domain is still available for about 60$
See for a price list

Kind regards

The Secret Service

Cool, glad to see more projects in the Steem ecosystem

thanks a lot for your support

It will be a good gaming forum and site.

:D :D :D

Unfortunately as we are just starting out, we need to set the commission to this level in order for us to keep up with the running cost of the server, as well as accumulating funds that would allow us to operate community events, in particular targeted to the gamers. A large chunk of the earnings, minus the server cost, will be given back to the community, mostly in the forms of prize money as well as accumulating SP to benefit anyone using the platform. We hope in the near future we could get significant delegation and sponsorship that will allow us to operate at a lower commission fee for the game developers.

Is there a feature in place to allow upvotes forever? (like creating a comment that gets upvoted instead of the game after 6.5 days)

There is a feature to make a new post on the game. The post does not need any new detail at the moment. This would allow the game to be voted after each 6.5 days period. The same technique is used by Fundition as well.

Ah, that's pretty cool!

Do you know how much Apple store charge developers?

Yes, but services like charge nothing.

This is not the app store.

wow sounds a great game launching, congrats @steemgg for this success.

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Won't games die really quickly though? I doubt many game developers want to spend their time making a game only to see it become unprofitable in a matter of days

That is why we have the repeat posting feature which allow game developers to renew/update their post to get past the 7 days profit period of steemit.

I like people keep up working involving steem platform in many different way... the way of gaming is the funniest for a big range of user !
Keep work going on ! You have support from us @steemgg !

Thank you! Hope you will enjoy the games on our platform

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Sounds good!
Where is the zip file or it’s content hosted afterwards?

On an IPFS server. If you want a most detailed answer I would have to direct you to @bobdos

Thanks for your support!

Woohoo, congratulation. I'm going to play it now :D

Thanks Wilson! Tell us what you think!

Keep going, guys. :)

Let's make it better step by step...

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Nice elaborated

Congratulations!!!! I'm very happy see this launch.

Thank you! Hope to see you using our platform!


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A really nice way of earning for gaming developers through this platform. However, we know that there are a plethora of other platforms available also where these developers can upload their videos but the opportunity which this platform is providing is very lucrative for gaming developers.

Thanks for your support! Yes, I think that will be our initial hurdle, trying to get developers to upload their game on our platform. Technically, we won't be requiring exclusivity, so hopefully developers won't mind just putting an extra copy or their game on our platform. Later on, we hope to grow to a size where it becomes more profitable for devs to post their games here, and additionally provide tools for game developers to make blockchain based games.

so impressed to see it , keep it turn guys ;)

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Would love to try games here and if this makes money i.e. by playing games, than I am going to be an addict :D

Right now the main way for gamers for earning rewards is through curation rewards and participating in weekly gamer competitions that we run. We will be implementing other features in the future so that gamers can also have more benefits.

wow this is amazing, i will play this games, and congratulations @steemgg for all the success.

I'm happy hearing that more and more project around steem blockchain arises.

Thank you! We look forward to having more people coming into STEEM and enjoy what we have for offer!

I hope someone will upload a FreeCell game. Like the one in Windows 2000.
Nowadays I am trying to play that card game on my old laptop (Toshiba Dynabook Satellite 300CDS).
I lost much more times than I won, but I still like the game.
It's a good way to spend time in an enjoyable way!
All the best to this project and to the developers behind it!

Thanks! I remember playing FreeCell too. I hope someone do make it :)

This article is good

Nice to see everything working good.
On my way to try the games guys.
I wish you a good start and fullfill your dream.

Thank you and I hope you will enjoy the games on our platform

I wish more developers would make HTML based games instead of relying on out and outdated plugins like Flash. This website is a great step in incentivizing web and game developers to do so.

I currently don't know enough web development to make a game, but I will try some games out and see what I like.

Yes please! and do dip your hands in trying some game developing too!

Yes please! and do dip
Your hands in trying some game
Developing too!

                 - steemgg

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Hey-yo Haikubot
Please do not show up again
you are annoying

Now this such a good innovation....
Keep it up @steemgg
I will upload my created games on this platform once I have them created

That sounds great! We look forward in seeing your games

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Reminds me of a modern day with a better incentive structure and less advertisements. Interesting way to circumvent the 7 day requirement. I'll have to check it out!

Thanks for your support!

muy buen contenido!

Great news and great development for gamers... Thanks for sharing this post

This sounds very interesting and a way to attract even more people to our community. Thank you for coming out with it and keep it up the good work.

Good luck!

if I am a game player and not a game maker. Am I a game player getting paid from playing a game?

As a player right now you can earn rewards by voting (the standard curation rewards), as well as participating in community competitions which we will roll out soon. We hope to in the near future explore new ways that players can be rewarded.

wow this is going to be huge . congratulations for the success .

Thanks for the support!

Do I pay to play or play to earn?

Posted using Partiko iOS

All the games are free to play. As a player right now you can earn rewards by voting (the standard curation rewards), as well as participating in community competitions which we will roll out soon. We hope to in the near future explore new ways that players can be rewarded.

Happy to see that you have finally up and running!

Great idea! Playing games on the steem blockchain sounds cool.

Posted using Partiko Android

It does! and we hope to get more games onto our platform so that steem blockchain can be the blockchain of choice for developers and gameres

Nice. You can take a page out of We allow arbitrary files. This includes games, books or audio tracks.

Let's look at each other's sites anf learn from each other!

Cool, we will have a look! Thanks for your support!

Thanksgiving this game

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Finally, it is now a full blown steemit condenser that offers services to all steemians.

@steemgg- Nice platform you provided for all game lovers.. and it motivates them to work efficiently to achieve there goal.

Could an option for evergreen votes be added to post a comment on your last last post instead of creating a post each time? If I uploaded a game, I'd prefer to keep my blog feed clear unless I wanted to post an update for the game.

This kind of game is very exciting.

That's nice as a web developer I really like that idea ! I m sure I will create a game for this soon.

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