#STEEMGIGS: I will write an 800 to 1000 words (or more) article/blog for you!

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I've been blogging online for years but not professionally. My professional blogging/writing skills have developed further in the last 2 years since I have been active in another writing site.

Since my articles there have always been rated a high score and I have also been upvoted by @OCD and @curie here on separate occasions, I can confidently say I will be able to write a good article for you. ☺

Each article/blog can include links and YouTube videos plus images too depending on your preference. I would be happy to customize and make any article for you.


  • Price starts at 5 SBD for articles/blog posts starting at 800 words up. (may or may not change depending on SBD value)
  • Delivery of the final ORIGINAL article will be from 1 to 3 days to ensure I have proofread and edited my article properly. I will also be sending it to you for proofreading and approval on your end.
  • English articles only. For Filipino articles, I don't have any samples... :(

Terms and Conditions:

  • Full payment must be made before any article is made.
  • A writing agreement may or may not be sent for you to sign and return before we start the project.
  • Minor edits are appreciated. Full article redo/revision will be subject to addt'l 3 SBD fee.
  • No same day or rush orders pls.
  • If in case you will not be satisfied, I will return a certain amount of your payment on a case to case basis. Otherwise there will be no refund.
  • You are free to post the finished article anywhere you please.

Price: Starting at 5 STEEM

Delivery: 3 day(s) 0 hour(s)


It is important that you provide the following:

  • Topic/Subject
  • Picture/Image Files (Your own. Otherwise I will look for free images)
  • SEO keywords you prefer (if any)
  • Blog/Website you plan on publishing it

Send me the details via any of the following:

  • Steem.chat (am using the same username there)
  • Facebook
  • Email: artgirlforhire(at)outlook(dot)ph


In case the topic is something I can't relate to, I'm sorry but I may decline it.

For Steemit samples of my previous articles pls see some of my original blog posts below:

I also write better, longer and more detailed articles on Bitlanders. Currently I am near the top in the leaderboard. :D

For other blog/article samples pls send me a message.




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Can't edit... It should show 5 SBD not 5 Steem... :(

Pwede iedit dito sa steemit or sa busy mas ok dahil sa dash nagrereklamo steemit pero sa busy ayos lang tags :)

ay ganun ba? Akala ko ndi. Sige gawin ko nga.

Triny ko na ayaw. Unknown error daw.

Very awesome. We working on the edit feature. In the meantime, you can do edits on Steemit. Thank you for awesomeness

right sir. this is very awedome. thanks to you sir @surpassinggoole. you are our superman

sir can show here my own photo editing at @steemgigs?

you can post your photo editing service on steemgigs. :)

Oh I see. Thank you too sir @surpassinggoogle for making steemgigs! ♥

Not a bad idea!

Ay waww payemen! (^_^)

Yes peyemen teyeee!

Ayon naman palaaa papasulat na lang ako ng blog heheh

Hahahahaha, akina SBDs. Lol.

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