[STEEMGIG COMPLETE] 🎨 Steemit Cover Design by @GROW-PRO for @LIBERTY-MINDED + [works + portfolio + pricing + details inside!]

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Another gig in the history books

Not to mention another friend, fellow #libertyprofessional and #SFG guild member gig complete! When @liberty-minded expressed interest in a cover design, I knew I would have to deliver something razor-sharp. He is a fellow creative with a background in design and media creation, so I knew I would have to 'bring it'. Just look at the media this guy creates and you will get an idea of what I mean!

original media by @liberty-minded

original media by @liberty-minded


He gave me a solid direction of the style he was after, he had all the media he wished to use ready for me and offered specific details that enabled me to jump right on this. It is gratifying to have a skilled design professional commission you for work, let me tell you!

Here I was thinking about a few projects I want to hire him for and he hired me. He is a fellow LIBERTY PROFESSIONAL in every sense. That is what it's all about. If the theme weren't obvious enough, this is a gentleman that values Liberty. We share that same value.

No question why we worked well together here.

I really enjoyed working with him on this design and as soon as he described it - I said to myself "damn, this is going to be fun!" and it really was.


From basic design to one-of-a-kind. No matter what you're after - I've got you covered.

My Works (images are clickable links to see them live!):

MORE COVER DESIGNS ADDED SOON!! I am catching up on completions, stay tuned!!!

@yekrats' cover image, requested in the #SFG, he's a fellow member and teammate of the guild himself. Another wonderful person to work with in the design process, he has great imagination and knows how to articulate what he is seeking in design. A lot of fun to work with, highly recommend you check him out!

@sylviamiller's cover image, requested in a post from her hubs @jackmiller. This cover design was the start of great friendship and some incredible things to come! Just wait!!!

@thriveordie's cover image, thanks to my fellow design creative @thatsweeneyguy considering me for the opportunity to design the cover for his project. Major respect points for that guy! Check out his project - just click the image above!

@steemfreelancers guild • #sfg • website: STEEM FREELANCER'S GUILD • founded by: @thatsweeneyguy • This one is another I'm proud of just to be considered for! Like I said, major respect for @thatsweeneyguy for supporting a fellow designer and daddy daycare! Yet another great bond that will bring amazing things in the future - be on the lookout!

@finnian's cover image design • birch forest with subtle shadow work in the center to enhance the legibility of the ABOUT ME text (important stuff!). Thanks to him, Steemit is my new outlet - he invited me! @finnian is a longtime​ friend and founder of Liberty Professionals, a Residential Security Expert and Private Investigator I'm grateful for his consideration​ on many of his projects over the years.

My first design won me 10 SBD in a cover image contest thanks to the one & only @ausbitbank! This is where I really started picking up Steem.. Much love for my Aussie mates keep the dream alive for us minnows. YOU HAVE MY WITNESS VOTE!! I'm still riding high off that win @ausbitbank ✌️😎

@kryptocek's cover image fresh from the creation station! Another great person that I recently encountered on Steemit, thanks to @boatsports90, who stepped up and offered me an opportunity to make him some icons (got him covered when he decides he is ready for a Steemit cover image😉). He introduced me to @kryptocek and now we are all geared up for 2018! These two guys have been so appreciative​ and supportive.


The blockchain functions on trust and so does business. So do I. When we synergize, we get greater results. Once we have established trust and a working relationship - you can absolutely expect far greater output from me.

Your media (proof required), have license to use the media if it is not yours (proof required), or Public Domain (proof required)

🚦🚧 🚧 ⛔️ ⛔️ 🚧 🚧🚦

You are asked to provide media and proof of either ownership, license/usage​ rights, or public domain / cc0 media with the link to the source so that I may verify. I can also source media for you if you wish - you tell me what you would like and I will bring back examples (included in the pricing)


Price is determined prior to design and design will commence once payment is received. I take an average price at the time of proposal and the client will pay the equivalent USD value (which I will 'lock in' at time of agreement) in STEEM or SBD.

ESTIMATED PRICING: Every job is unique and there is no one-size-fits-all 😉

I. Barebonesbasic cover image~ $10 equiv. SBD/STEEM
II. Upgradeenhanced cover image~ $20 equiv. SBD/STEEM
III. Full-Steemcustom cover image$30 equiv. SBD/STEEM and up
Level Iyou provide media, no further enhancements, you will receive [3] covers {alternates} - I will ensure ABOUT ME text is legible - not other modifications will be made other than sizing your image for the cover.
Level IIyou provide media (photos and png files) and I will provide 3 concept designs, which we will choose the best one, refine together and finalize. Test'n'tune included (sometimes it takes some refining)
Level IIIyou provide media and I provide something out of this world. I will create 3 custom concepts to work from and we will refine the best one together. Completely custom options available. Just because you haven't seen it, doesn't mean I can't Steem it!

NEED ME TO SOURCE IMAGES FOR YOU TO PICK? It is included! 3 images per your description, we will use your favorite of the 3.

I can source media for you if you prefer - we can negotiate that into pricing on individual/per request basis.


For those who wish to get a cover design from me:! don't worry if you don't have a bunch of steem handy! There is another way! Please tell me why you would like a cover and what you might include if you had @grow-pro design you one. There is a PAY IT FORWARD program that I have that will place you on a list of mine. Just comment to let me know you would like to be added to the PAY IT FORWARD list.

When I have clients that "pay it forward" (and I do), meaning they pay for their design and one for someone on my list, then I choose at random someone to design a cover for. It allows people that wish to use my service also help others. Let's spread a little love, right?

Still not sure what cover images are? Read this previous post of mine:
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my post from 6 months ago: SteemIt Adds a HOT NEW Option for Banners - Banner Up!

CONTACT ME BELOW or ON DISCORD / grow-pro#2163

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I absolutely could not be happier with the resulting image @grow-pro! It was a pleasure to work with you and I knew you'd deliver a top-notch design...you certainly did not disappoint.

I highly recommend @grow-pro to anyone that's looking to get some super-slick custom graphics, you won't regret it! He's super easy to work with, responds quick to your requests, always willing to make changes and is just an all-around good guy....not to mention a fellow #libertyprofessional!

5 Star Rating for sure
✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰

Amazing work again! I’m sure by the end of 2018 you’ll have everyone’s cover photos on Steemit made!

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