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I already made this post but got the #steemgigs tag wrongly, i didnt't add the (s) so it didn't get enough views to my proposal, i will just quote the previous post here again with the right #steemitgigs tag so i don't get a visit to this post by @cheetah. i hope i get enough views this time and hopefully some good programmer here on steemit gets interested in doing this for me.

This is my first post using the steemgig tag. I really think that #steemgigcan grow to be so much more than a tag on steemit and get to be a platform by itself that can compete with the likes of upwork and freelancer.
There are a lot of proficient freelancers on steemit and I hope we all recognize that and consider offering our jobs on #steemgig before thinking of any other freelance site and help #steemgig grow.
I need a program that will filter data from a website using criterias I choose. The website is updated daily so I will need to be able to update the program anytime am online if I choose.
Lets say the website is, post are being made every minute so there are a lot of post by different authors on steemit, and maybe I need a program that can filter through post and give me post

  1. By a particular author on trending page since January 2017
  2. post made by people that has exactly 1000sp on steemit
  3. post that are over 1000 words since the start of steemit
  4. etc etc etc