#STEEMGIGS: I will make a collectible figure based on your illustration or idea.

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I am freelance maker, sculptor, designer. I make custom toys and figures based on image or your idea. I can sculpt in clay, make molds and cast resin pieces. I will produce your figure based on your idea or illustration as one of the kind object or limited edition collectible. You can check my previous work on my website http://themodelmaker.net or steemit account @mitchhunter


The price is dependent on the size and complexity of your design so we can discuss it. I can sculpt your item by hand or digitally and 3d print, laser cut or cnc elements using one of my many tools. The finished object can be painted based on your requirements and packaged in display box. All the requirements will dictate the price, the one below is just an indication.

Price: Starting at 200 STEEM

Delivery: 14 day(s) 24 hour(s)


I will need detailed description of your idea, sketch or illustrations. The required dimensions, edition size, color scheme of finished product.

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Nice idea, and nice realisations :)
I really like the fantasy tower (Tangled's one ?) !

Thanks. Yes, Tangled. This one was originally custom made as an engagement ring box with hidden space under the roof .

This is just awesome !

Love that Stitch from when you showed it off a few months back. Fantastic idea! RESTEEMED!

Thanks!. Yes this is what I do. Artist for hire :) Mostly custom engagement ring boxes.

That’s awesome!!! So dumb question....but how exactly does Steemgigs work?

Its like Fiver website, you post what you can do and for how much and people should be able to hire you for small jobs. I just tested it but probably will not generate any business.

I see. Thanks!

Yeah the community here is still so small. It seems like those functions are ahead of the game as of right now. I just hope the community catches up to all of these awesome tools and apps being made available.

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