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its been few days i have noticed it. when i check my wallet it shows my reputation as 25. i was totally shocked. i was worried , how my reputation fell to 25. and i quickly thought " my post might have been flagged" and checked my blog again. i was surprised to see my original reputation there and none of my post were flagged. again after some hours , i was checking my wallet and got my reputation as 25. this time also i checked my blog and there was my original reputation . at the same instant i checked wallet. at wallet it showed 25 as reputation .this is my reputation at wallet. Untitled7.png

this is my blog reputationUntitled6.png
and i thought i should check this and confirm , if this is problem to me only or to some others too, . and i started searching some . firstly i searched @papa-pepperUntitled5.png
as i knew him from the starting of my steemit journey . Untitled4.png

then i checked @curieUntitled3.png

then i checked @artaddictUntitled.png


then i checked @surpassinggoogle Untitled55.png

can someone please help me to understand this. whats happening here, i didnt understand it. but i am glad my reputation isnt down . its the problem in system .


Exactly! I too felt the same. I was also worried and thought my posts might have been flagged. I also wanted to know what's happening.

there is nothing wrong with us. its the problem in system i guess

Yeah! Maybe...