Kindly Visit Your Profile On And Fill In An Indepth Steem Profile (For Everyone) - Get A Comment Upvote For Participating.

"Everyone has something to offer". @surpassinggoogle

Kindly Visit To Create An In-depth Steem Profile

Please login on, then click on your profile thumbnail on the top right and then on the 'edit profile' tab and proceed to filling-in an in-depth steem profile. See screenshots:

We have added fields to this portal that enables you to be expressive and free. Simply follow the flow of the template as we have added fields like, 'what are you currently learning'; 'your interest, hobbies, skills'; 'what you would like to help with'; 'i made this' etc

It is for everyone, whether you consider yourself an expert or non-expert. On steemgigs. 'everyone has something to offer'. 

When you are done, simple leave a screenshot of your profile under the comments to receive some upvote. You can find your profile on ''

Everyone Has Something To Offer

The above will be evident on '' over the course of time. We want to build every noble dream and for this to be the case, we must be able to curate 'humans' too and each human. (Everyone has something to offer)

We must trigger the art of dreaming in people and incite attempts at out-of-boxness globally and we can do just this.

We must also understudy our existing community and mine its wealth. 

We are already on track to accomplishing this. We are currently integrating a basic framework into the search engine, that enables it to 'search by users'. Then, we have added more fields to our 'edit profile' portal that is modeled to 'mine the human' and uncover potential, whether talent or un(dis)talent. 

Imagine a fun linkedin-like aspect to

In the near future, we will be able to search the entire steem blockchain and provides result based 'even on a profile's content', so that we can uncover the wealth in the entire steem community and seamlessly incite these ones to begin to offer something on

This type of promotion for SteemGigs will turn out organic and will be very community-driven. Besides us at SteemGigs curating 'humans' on the steem blockchain, users who visit SteemGigs to locate a gig and fail, can also search the entire blockchain for potential talent in a particular niche and reach out to these ones to consider offering a service on

In general, we want to remove all barriers to entry, when it comes to the 'dream-building' industry. At SteemGigs thus, as we desire to emanate forth 'brother talent' as opposed to 'just talent', we will develop in-depth knowledge of our community. This should form our very strength.

Eventually, we would have reached out to the entire globe, every home, with 'everyone has something to offer'.

We celebrate the resulting breakthrough with the teardrops tokens.


BROPRO allows you to exchange teardrops tokens for more than 'just talent'; these ones are un(dis)talented brothers (sisters included) who actually want to play a role in historical history, by helping you through the process of building your dreams. 

This feature was added some two days ago and is still very basic but it now exists. It give some utility to the teardrops tokens

Kindly visit.

Did You Know?

  • Did you know that you can create a microtask on and pay with a steem upvote? 
  • Did you know that you can offer a free Gig or offer a Gig for Steem Power or the teardrops tokens?
  • Did you know that in the event that you can find an 'exact match' GIG, you can create a custom request?
  • Did you know that you can contribute niche-based knowledge based solely on your experience to our SteemGigs knowledge bank?
  • Did you know that you will eventually be able to power up the teardrops tokens to serve as 'influence' on as well?
  • Did you know that SteemGigs is very content-based and has up to 18 different post-editors (e.g see ?
  • Did you know the has a witness called 'steemgigs' to represent the words, 'everyone has something to offer'?
  • Did you know the SteemGigs has a community of more than 5,000 steemians on Discord?
  • Did you know that exclusive UI-perks will be available to 'the certified users' on and that you can already indicate interest in 'getting certified' by filling this short google form?
  • Did you know that the entire SteemGigs code is open source and that we have open issues (with bounty) on our GitHub?

Special Note

To get your first 50 teardrops tokens, participate here:

Participation is simple! To participate, you will need to have submitted your 'best email', subscribed to the UloggersTV YouTube channel and joined the teardrops SMT telegram group 
I will be sending you 50 teardrops for each successful entry. Make sure to invite friends who are steemians as well to participate. I will also teach you how to access your tokens, where you need directions.

The teardrops token will also form a token of influence on each of these three steem-based websites;, and @macrohard etc

The teardrops token is also currently on steem-engine but only a small portion of it was issued and on the steem-engine market to help us gain insight into the 'dynamics of the tokens on an exchange'. (Currently priced at 0.1 steem each)

SteemGigs' Development Tasks 

There has been recent development on, which you can track on our GitHub and by visiting to explore the site. You will also find 'open issues' that you can contribute code to.

You Can Support The Development Of The SteemGigs Project

my "Thank You" is hefty.

Kindly Vote On The 'steemgigs' Witness. 

Dedicating My Entire Steem/Steemit Journey To My Mum

If you want to support an extra witness and you support mine "steemgigs", it will be really helpful. 

To vote my witness, simply visit and upvote "steemgigs" or simply click Here to do it on one click! 

Your Boy Terry, whether bulls or bears



This is a really interesting article, many thanks, @surpassinggoogle! I updated my Steemgigs profile - :-D Yey - one step at a time to being more connected and interconnected :-)

So special. Even inspirational. Thank you alot. Apart from all the other positives, it help us build a solid search engine, unveiling more of the so much beauty in humans

I updated my profile but had one before. My Member since is reset to today though? When I search for my skills either under gigs or users, my profile does not show up. Maybe it takes a bit to update? Thanks for your help!

Yes, thank you alot bro. the search itself is still being used. it will take sometime cos we want to be able to scan the entire steem blockchain in the future. it the short term though, we will on searching users who have a profile on steemgigs. The upcoming releases the search by user will begin tp function properly. Thank you alot for participate. Very valuable.

Will also check the member since part

Thank you! It's a great idea, and I'd love to help people through the service.

@insanityisfree, perhaps this is another way for you to raise revenue? I know you've helped with in the past numerous times with web design, graphic design, and other related consulting. Maybe setup a Steemgig?

Thank you @Surpassinggoogle, your guide was quite helpful. I just updated my profile.

I hope you'll feature me to Bropro??

Thank you alot bro. Bropro will soon be open to every 'certified ulogger'. For now it is just a basic hardcoded page. Mostly being tested. So eventually you will be on there. On as well.

This is my entry, want big upvote.

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Thank you alot. Apart from all the other positives, it help us build a solid search engine, unveiling more of the so muc beauty in humans

Hello @surpassinggoogle this is my profile, I must confess that this is very awesome... Need a big upvote, forever great we stand.

Thank you alot. Apart from all the other positives, it help us build a solid search engine, unveiling more of the so much beauty in humans

Thank you.
I just updated my profile :)
Screenshot_2019-04-03 STEEMGIGS Alpha.png

Hello @surpassinggoogle, nice to meet you again. I just updated my profile.

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Thank you alot bro for continuing to shine. Stay awesome

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Thank you. Kindly fill up your profile as well

Haven't been active for awhile. This is a lot of information/update. Thanks.

thank you for the news, I will start this by participating in the steemgigs

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great feature, I will learn it. your explanation @surpassinggoogle is very helpful. thanks.

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I've Just updated my profile. Thanks @surpassinggoogle It's a great Concept.

Thank you

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I love steemgigs and TEARDROPS