#STEEMGIGS: I will make your Facebook Posts Get More Than 10,000 reactions!

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If you have been following me recently, you know that I am offering some of my services for free. For instance, you can go and check my free service to this latest steemgigs. In this post, I offer free 50 likes/reactions to your Facebook, Fanpage and Instagram Posts. There were at least five steemians who tried my services - @jancharlest, @dlio, @appguy, @pinay and @badmusazeez (shoutout to them!)

Today, I am ready to offer you a bigger service and a better opportunity for your FACEBOOK posts to gather thousands of Fb reactions and even millions of likes! How does it sound to you? It is great, right?

If you want to know more about me? Simply visit my steemgigs profile to see what other services I offer or you can also follow me on steemit.com.


For Facebook Reactions: 0.5 steem or sbd per 500 reactions

If you want discount;

  • order 10,000 reaction for only 8 sbd or steem

Price: Starting at 0.5 STEEM

Delivery: 0 day(s) 0 hour(s)


If you are sending your order, please remember to include the link of your post in your memo:


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can i avail this again ? hahaha

Hi @jancharlest! Sorry for the late response. We got a temporary brown out today. Of course you can, but not on this post. hehe. Please go on <a href "https://steemit.com/steemgigs/@xhunxhiss/send-50-likes-to-your-facebook-fanpage-and-instagram-posts-for-free"> this post .
And thank you so much for trying my service the last time. :)

ohh sure will thanks awesome

Wow i want that but i dont have sbd or steem yet.

Maybe he is using likers web app.

Very possible but overall on social media of today, numbers have impact. So it depends on the value the availer of the gigs wants. Some go after numbers. Overall, the gig shouldn't endanger someone's account

Amazing idea. Lol. Kinda doing hack or something.

:) I am not hacking. In fact, I will be offering real comments from real people and these people are the ones who are also unto this service.
Thank you so much for your comments. :)

Wow this is amazing! Ill let you know if I'll have MORE LIKES WINNER contest on fb :)

Hellow @itsjessamae!
Thank you so much for dropping by and sending your interest on this service.
I will be waiting.... :)

#facebook ........ aint nobody got time for that!!! Well not since joining Steemit anyway lol.

Haha. That`s nice. I am happy to read and see that you use your valuable time to steemit than any other social media. Right! Me too, I spend most of my time on steemit and working with other steemians. However, this service including all my past services has no intention of promoting Facebook, Instagram or other social networks.
As you can see, I am merely a steemgigger who wants to earn pennies from this service, make a living, and help others gain more exposure to their social media posts.

I did think that but couldn't help myself! Best wishes to you and your endevours :)

Thank you mumma-monza!
@smartbot tip @mumma-monza

How about twitter?

Hi @josediccus!
Soon, I will include Twitter on my list once I get more followers. :)
Thank you so much for dropping by! :)

how i send, details please

Hellow @jyoti-thelight!
Thank you so much for your interest.
Here is the step-by-step guide on how to send your order.
1. Go to your steemit wallet
2. How many Facebook reactions you want? 1 reaction costs 0.001. So if you order 500 reactions, it cost around 0.5 sbd or steem (any of these two). Just send the amount and I will do the math. :)
3. What is your memo? Simply, the link or URL of your Facebook post.

Since I am not very active on Facebook I will use this service often. 😅

What's you method for accomplishing this and will it not endanger people's accounts? Are the reactions from real people? I am mostly interested cos the 10k likes is a giant feat. Is that accomplishable? I saw in the comment thread that it involves real people. So how do you reach 10k reactions?

If i will avail of this, that's the one that sparks interest

Hellow @steemit-legacies! Thank you so much for dropping by. :)
These people who send reactions are into this kind of service. They decided to take part on this service so they well knew that their accounts will be used to send likes or reactions. We can even do real comments basing on the content of the post itself.

To put it in a simple term, we follow, comment and like each other. If they did not want their account to use, then, why are they still on our site, gathering likes from others? They are aware of the terms and services of our site so it is understandable that they agree to it while they are active in using the site.

Sending 10k or more reactions may take days but it is accomplishable.

how to avail this...please

Hellow @baby07! :)
Thank you so much for dropping by.
One Fb reaction cost 0.001.
You simply place the link of your post in your memo.
If you want to, you can try my free service on <a href "https://steemit.com/steemgigs/@xhunxhiss/send-50-likes-to-your-facebook-fanpage-and-instagram-posts-for-free"> this post before you send an order. :)
Happy steemgigs!