Have You Been Blocked Yet?

So... @justinsunsteemit has gone on a blocking rampage like his fellow liar @ned. He's blocked all the top witnesses and Steemians who've been calling his BS out and I guess it's safe to say we have finally got on his nerves, or, he's taken up Ned's advice to block Steemians in order to stop us from interacting with his Twitter BS/Lies.

Is this fight even worth it?

If things weren't crystal clear to anyone before, then I hope it now is.


Justin Sun has no intention whatsoever to work with #steem witnesses or the Community.

The only thing he clearly wants is to make this a centralized blockchain like Tron and maybe to run it to the ground once and for all.

I hate to say it, but we really do need a fork! I am tired of this back and forth. If we agree as a community to continue working towards the same common goals as we have done before, then I truly believe we can build something great, something amazing.

The only problem would be the financing of the new platform without the reliance of the Ninja mined stake. I don't see anyone putting their resources into any new crypto project given the turn of events this last week, my worry is we would end up like Whaleshares or Weku and the many other Steem clones out there. Is it worth the risk?

All in all, if you haven't been blocked by Justin Sun, then you aren't making enough waves on Twitter yet!

Jump on this tag, #steemhostiletakeover, NOW!!


Justin Sun has no intention whatsoever to work with #steem witnesses or the Community.

You nailed it. @justinsunsteemit is an authoritarian who want's total control over the blockchain. And I don't believe his “only for 6 weeks” promise for one second.

Neither do I. Super disappointing to see some witnesses wanting to give it a shot :/

Lol the fact that he actually felt the need is impressive or, could those so called 2 million people following him be a bunch of bullshit, because surly that many followers would drown out a few active steemians tweeting.

I guess we really are making waves after all :)
He can't block all of us, maybe it's time we made puppet accounts too :D

He has proven to be a Master of The Sock Puppets. 😎

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