Steem Platform - Hourly Report (27-03-2018 04 hrs)

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Steem Market Ticker

Latest1.004 up (-1.439 %)
SBDVolume4205.504 SBD
SteemVolume4180.535 STEEM

Steem Conversion Rates

SBD => BTC2.106E-4
SBD => USD1.661306
STEEM => BTC2.1114E-4
STEEM => BTC1.665602
STEEM => SBD1.002586

Steem Global Properties

VirtualSupply271731508.482 STEEM
CurrentSupply266012062.774 STEEM
ConfidentialSupply.0 STEEM
ConfidentialSBDSupply.0 SBD
TotalVestingFundSteem.0 STEEM
TotalVestingShares386102297426.546 VESTS
TotalRewardFundSteem.0 STEEM
PendingRewardedVestingShares364884794.685 VESTS
PendingRewardedVestingSteem177714.647 STEEM

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TRX 0.10
JST 0.074
BTC 54921.43
ETH 4139.94
BNB 618.65
SBD 7.11