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RE: Book Club Discussion: "The First Noelle"

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Well at some points I did know what was gonna happen, but not entirely. The story is amazing I loved it and the ending. It really is hard to make an ending... Also the plot is what is really amazing. And to answer your second question, yes I was in that place before but I found a new friend in my school who is totally innocent and vulnerable. Always gets bullied. I never had friends because all I do is read. I was determined to make her alright, make her smile and stop all the bullies. So that's what I did. When she became normal and amazing I left her... She likes me, but I never thought myself as a good friend and never thought I deserve her... she learnt a lot from me but still she is the same good innocent girl inside.

Oh also I still hope I learn to make as good endings as yours.


What a great comment, @blackpools! I am so happy to hear that something we published (and I wrote) got you thinking about real social situations and how you made that girl's life better. :-) That's the reason we write, because enough people thinking about how to make the world better for people will cause good things to happen everywhere.

Thank you Rhondak! storys like this, not only help us remember what we did before, make is love to read storys. But it also encourages people to help others. Storys help you in real life situations when you are stuck in some big mess and have no one to help you out. You can use the morals, tactics, solutions and more things that you have learnt from the books you have read. All you have to do is read a story like this and promise yourself to help like her and done! all of a sudden you get more happiness to help others. That's what I do. Help.

What a wonderful way to use the positive aspects of fiction in real life!