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A few months ago, Steemhouse Publishing felt very excited about the advent of Communities on Steem and looked forward to a new era of blockchain growth and development. Then Ned sold Steemit Inc.’s ninjamined stake and everyone knows the story--our community’s blockchain is no longer decentralized.

Community leaders have been working to resolve this in a positive way, but for now there is a stalemate. Therefore, even though Steemhouse chose to not move forward with a DAPP or front-end, we feel it is prudent at this time to step back from pursuing further integration with Steem and preserve our own brand. Our most likely course of action is to re-incorporate the publishing house with a different name and focus entirely on mainstream marketing. We want no association with Tron, directly or indirectly, as we feel it would be a detriment to our credibility as a legitimate company.

Individuals previously associated with Steemhouse may or may not continue to produce content for Steem, although we hope they will use Steempeak or another front end rather than Steemit. Their choices will be their own. However, we could never in good conscience ask anyone to produce content for a blockchain that is not decentralized, especially writers whose workproduct enjoys copyright protection in most nations of the world except China, where Justin Sun is based. Therefore Steemhouse activities on the blockchain will cease for the indefinite future, while our vision for accessible publishing and editing will continue via other channels.


Hopefully this isn't a permenant move yet until we see how it all plays out. There is a long way to go yet until we get a new direction for STEEM but it doesn't have to be a negative one. It would be a shame to lose your project which has had some great input with STEEM and could continue to do so in the future.

We are down to 8/12 of the top 20 witnesses. @justinsunsteemit is an authoritarian aiming for pyrrhic victory of total blockchain control. Ignoring that he will destroy the chain in the process.

It's definitely not looking good. Lots of talk about forking, new chains, etc. We're pulling back until we know which direction the community is going. Then, we will go with it.

Same here. Canceled my delegations and started to power down.

I learned a long time ago to never build anything on a rug that could be jerked out from underneath me. It's a good strategy.

Good news, bad news - or bad news, good news:

Steemhouse activities on the blockchain will cease for the indefinite future, while our vision for accessible publishing and editing will continue via other channels.

I'm here regardless of which front end, back end, rat's ^ss, or blocked_chain is the m.o. - like Covid-19, "This too shall pass," and that great flushing sound (made famous by Ross Perot) may be the finishing touch. I hope.

But the end of all things has drawn near. Therefore be sober-minded and be sober unto prayers.(1 Peter 4:7)

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