AlwaysHome - Access home internet everywhere. No Geo-restriction anymore!

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Access home internet everywhere. No Geo-restriction anymore!


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Today traveling becomes very common. We always travel to another countries just because of works, studies, or visits. Under the world that reply on internet so much, we discover a problem: the internet access of different countries.

Just an easy example: we can't access to Facebook, Youtube or Instagram in China. I believe many people find it so annoying but we are now traveling to China more and more frequently!


Some of us choose to pay for a VPN network. But if you are frequent traveler to China, you know that a VPN service is always blocked soon. Then we have to search for another VPN again! It's always time consuming especially when we urgently need to send an email through gmail.


Now AlwaysHome provides you a new solution! After you connect AlwaysHome to your home's network, you can access to your home's network everywhere in the world. It means you can easily access to Facebook and Gmail in China or watch a Chinese movie through Youku in Europe.

And one more advantage: all we know that the internet speed of a VPN is slow, very slow. With AlwaysHome, you internet speed will be same as the speed of your home's network! We can enjoy a HD video everywhere using AlwaysHome.


If you are a frequent traveler, it is absolutely a must have item for you!

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Hunter: @aaronli

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It's Perfect Hunt @aaronli

Note: This is just ”My Personal Opinion & Assessment”, not intended to “Judge” the reviews you have made.


  • Idea / Innovation
    The idea of AlwaysHome is 100% guaranteed unique. I just found this kind of tool, and of course it's the best. You can use the internet home, office, and other places with ease.

  • Design / UI / Spec
    The design is simple, attractive, and easy to carry anywhere.

  • Features / Advantages / Benefits
    You can use home connections, office, etc. wherever and whenever. No need to worry about the power and speed of internet access. You can use full speed.

  • Price

    The price is quite acceptable considering we no longer need to subscribe to any internet package.

Unfortunately, the adoption is still limited in some countries that support Dongle AlwaysHome.

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Pros :

  • Definitely a great tool for not only travelers but everyone! This is really powerful if it works, I am sick of using VPN and the travelling plan which always perform badly and slowly.
  • Easy to set up
  • Absolutely a great idea and innovative design which helps to improve people' life, that's the main aim for technology I guess.

Cons :

  • Just concern the stability, if it is good enough, I will definitely go for it.

Overall speaking, that's a great hunt! Thank you introducing such a powerful tool to us. Happy hunting man.

Pros :

-It's by far the amazing product where internet connection has become a part of our lives

  • You can access and stream videos anywhere in the world once you have installed this device router from home, you can get remote access to your phones, PCs and tablets.
    -It can connect to several devices.
    -It's easy to install

Cons :

Hope this will be available in our country.

• can access certain websites easily in china
• can increase internet speed

• according to what I read it seems to only apply in China, if true, it would be good for all countries


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This one is a good for home network use . Thank you for sharing @aaronli. See my personal review below :
Pros :

  • It does give you a total entertainment wherein you can do some video streaming in your convenience.
  • Inside your house you can easily do some remote access in your devices whether it would be an IP camera, printer or any other devices.Aside from this it does provide a better and easily solution which gives you a faster option to access your home network.
  • It has features where it can help improve your internet connection with the use of its software. This is a good and portable router that supports any kind of WiFi connectivity.
  • It does support through mobile application which helps you connect directly to your network. This can be downloaded in App Store and Google Play


  • You need to pay to avail their service. Their solo package offers minimal services compare to those higher ones.

Amazing hunt !
Pros :

  • You can access internet anywhere without any restriction
  • Your internet connection is improved
  • It comes with mobile application which is available for android and ios

Cons :

  • I can't find any cons for this

For people who travel a lot, this product is really useful. It's great that the user doesn't loose so much internet speed. And it's not just great for countries like China, even using Netflix abroad without limits is amazing. Plus, the price is absolutely reasonable. I would even consider to buy this as well. Great hunt aaronli!


  • Very good tool for make use of the internet
  • Do not afraid blocking by restriction
  • New solution instead of VPN
  • High speed


  • None for this hunt

WOW!!! How can it be possible? This a marvelous item!!!! So I can use my home internet access in another country? WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Upvoted!!! & resteemed it!


Cool.. This one must have.. Thank you for sharing 👍

Interesting!! Great products!

Hmmm, interesting. Something to look into. Thanks for this.

Great hunt! Worked with expats in China and working across continents myself, I know these pain points too well ;) Love how they tackle them by categorizing the consumers (even listing the missing content from different countries) and comparing its features with VPN's.

I even checked its price:
e.g. the popular ExpressVPN: yearly package plan $8.32 per month
So it's almost the same.

I'm not doing the "pros and cons", but resteemed the post and sent it to some friends, hopefully someone will give it a try for a real user feedback. =)

not suitable for you as your home internet is so slow XDDDD

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Useful device! Network always disconnects when using vpn in China...

Hi~ @aaronli ,
Wow is a really good product ^^
Thank you~ Enjoy SteemHunt !

Very useful for frequent travelers and for those who need same IP to access net.

Wow, it is fantastic.


  • Very useful for travellers
  • You connect AlwaysHome to your home's network, you can access to your home's network everywhere in the world
  • With AlwaysHome, you internet speed will be same as the speed of your home's network


  • None for this hunt

Nice Hunt!


  • never need to worry about slow VPN's anymore
  • just plug in and connect with your device and you are good to go


  • a yearly rate has to be paid for the app subscription

Finally my Netflix when I'm traveling. I need this one badly.

This is a really cool and innovative app for those who frequent china a lot.

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