Backpack with solar charger - backpack extremely suitable for camping and long time travel

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Backpack with solar charger

backpack extremely suitable for camping and long time travel








Hunter's comment

Hi Steemian!

I would like to introduce you an excellent and cool backpack! It's a backpack with solar charger!


Although backpack with solar charger is not a new term, this backpack which is still under funding provides us with different experience.


Nowadays we live with electronic devices. When I go out, I always have my phone, tablet, kindle reader, mirrorless camera, action cam, and also a stabiliser for action cam. All of these devices need battery. And I like hiking. When I go hiking I will add a flashlight and headlight with me.

And we cannot always be sure all the devices are fully charged before going out. You may have experienced you find a device no battery when you need it.

This backpack provides us a solution. The solar recharger with 14W let us charge our devices anytime when there is sun, or the recharger already charged with sun light. With this backpack, I don’t need to find a cafe with charger during city travelling, or regretting that I can’t take good pictures when I am hiking or camping!

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Hunter: @aaronli

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  • Good for commute
  • One bag = all usages
  • cool look


  • may be heavy
  • is it washable?

Good Hunt @aaronli

Note: This is just ”My Personal Opinion & Assessment”, not intended to “Judge” the reviews you have made.


  • Idea / Innovation
    The idea of "SunPack" is actually too common, because many bags that also provide solar power features.

  • Desing / UI / Spec
    The design looks sturdy, powerful, and can be used anytime and anywhere.

  • Features / Advantages / Benefits

    Haha, I really like the feature. Super complete, ranging from GPS, Charger, Flashlight, and so forth. This is perfect for adventure, picnic, and other outdoor activities.

Nothing. It costs $ 65, and I can still accept it.

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  • Can fulfill many traveler’s need
  • Charge by free energy
  • The design is cool


  • Expensive
  • Not light for this product

Keep up the hunt!
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Dam I want one so bad! Looks so aweosme

Pros :

  • A good backpack which can be your friend wherever you go since it removal solar panel and charger which makes you no worries especially when you do hiking or any adventure that are out of electricity.
  • This kind of backpack that can be a convenient way to carry your things as well as making sure that you have charged your tablet, mobile phones and other kinds of electronic gadgets that you will bring.
  • This kind of solar system is non-adhesive surface which germs, dirt and other forms of pollutants will not able to penetrate.

Cons :

  • This item does cost much compare to buying individual bag and normal charger.


  • multi functional bag which has a lot of function
  • cool design and look
  • solar energy is clean energy


  • doubt about how much power can it be charged

Amazing hunt
Pros :

  • Perfect for camp and road trips
  • Don't need to worry about carrying power bank to charge your electronics
  • The bag is durable and water resistant
  • It is compact small and comfortable to wear

Cons :

  • The solar energy to electrical conversion is very poor
  • The bag is expensive .

Hi~ @aaronli , Good Hunt~
I think this backpack is really efficient product ~ It is good product for travelers ^^ Thank you ~

Hi @aaronli!

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Wow, this is really cool! I've been looking for solar panels for longer trips especially now since I've found USB battery chargers for my DSLR! Thanks for this.

I like the general idea of this but personally I think I'd just hack up my own version by strapping an Anker portable solar charger to the back of an ordinary back pack.

Pretty similar to the first backpack that went viral because of its cool features but this one is more attractive and has great design. I hope it is made ergonomically. :)

Ii,s good. Only thing I wanna know its weight.


  • cool idea and environmental
  • very useful for nowadays many electron stuffs
  • nice design and functional

will it be very heavy?

This is awesome!!! I always support green idea products!!!

and support me

Definitely!! It's great!!

Nice Hunt!


  • nice camping gadget that allows you not to worry about your electrical devices running out of battery
  • integrated battery with 3500mAh (about two full charges for your iPhone) lets you save up some for the night
  • great design hiding all components and wires


  • being out in the nature a lot and wearing backpacks literally all day long I have to say I'm sceptic about it being comfortable wearing for a long time

In the following words I'll share what I like and dislike about this gadget, SunPack.

I've seen backpacks with solar panels before and people claiming that the panel got cracked pretty fast, after just a few days of use but on this backpack it looks like it's a thicker one.


  • "ride safe pocket" so you can hold your wallet or cards
  • anti-theft lock
  • water resistant material, you can have your laptop/tablet etc. inside and it won't get wet
  • safety reflectors


  • almost nothing to write here, it seems a little bit small, not sure unless I'll see one in real life besides that it's a nice backpack

Nice hunt @aaronli!

I think the standard size is the only cons

Hi~ @aaronli ,
I think it is a really good item for travelers. Good Hunt~~

yeah! It's really great!

This is their 4th crowdfunded project, after 3 successful other similar projects, so you know they will be able to deliver.
As mentioned on their website, no one wants to run out of battery juice when they're taking pictures of their cat for the internet.
All the obvious pros of being able to charge a power source "for free" (while you're already doing something else that you were going to do anyway)

It still looks like a big old solar panel. It would be so much better if the design looked more stealth.

Keep hunting .. you doing great .. good luck

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