Zilant - The Fantasy - A breathtaking action game

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Zilant - The Fantasy

A breathtaking action game



Hunter's comment

Zilant is a breathtaking MMORPG with a massive fantasy world and stunning next-gen graphics. In Zilant, you are a winged warrior, sworn enemy races, exploring a world of awe-inspiring beauty ripped asunder by a dragon war. Soar on your own wings! Experience fast-paced, action packed combat, as you hunt monsters, slay bosses, defeat your enemies, and wage war on your rise to the top. A new fantasy awaits!

Zilant is one if the games you will love to play, which came with lotbif feature

  • skill base combat which is interesting

  • different modes ( arena mode and lot more)

  • customization of characters


  • you have the chance to attain lot of classes

  • you can fly on wings

  • you can fight in groups and one on one combat

  • you can play with your friends

  • easy to use and play

Game Info
Released on: May 16 2018

Updated on May 14 2018

Download size 418mb

Version 0.5.4

Downloads 100,000




Hunter: @abayomi1


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Action game

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