Orah 4i - A virtual reality live streaming camera

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Orah 4i

A virtual reality live streaming camera



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Another perfect camera to capture a memorable moment of your life. The Orah 4i is a 360 degree camera that can shoot 4k video mode in 30fps and has a 3d sounds. Super easy to set up anywhere. The size is 3.1 x 2.7 x 2.5 inches a compact camera. It contain four fish eye 8 layer lens and four microphone. The best thing here is you can create a virtual reality live streaming. This product is so wonderful with so many usage. The price is $3,595.




Hunter: @acinad


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  • Good video quality
  • Easy to carry and easy to use
  • 360 degree camera


  • The current package doesn't include a battery

I like the design of this camera and the fact that it is the first one i have seen that separates camera with the processing board , otherwise handling such resolutions will always result in bulky boxes

When watching the video presentation of the product, I was very attracted to the definition of the images and how easy it is to use the camera. I do not think I have enough money to consider buying this camera, but it is still a camera worth having.

this camera ıs very easy for the using. it is small you can put in your bag. it is like fish eye it take

I have studied the image quality of the product and admired it. They have used 4K technology excellently in this product.8 With a layered lens and 4 microphones, it creates a full professional shot.GREAT HUNT :)

VR live streaming is a new thing for me. It brings the live streaming into a new level. And I believe that it will become more popular in the future.

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The price is a bit expensive for me. At least I can not give that much money to a camera. About the product; easy to set up and 360 degree images can be taken everywhere. It is a camera that comes to the fore with this feature.

Hi,@acinad, Nice Hunt
Here is my opinion about your product.


  • I like this innovative camera because it allow us to captures and live streams 360° video in 4K resolution which is super cool.
  • It comes with four powerful lenses which give it edge over other cameras in this category.
  • It has a cool companion app and can be controlled remotely via android devices.
  • Compatible with most VR headsets.


  • Users have to purchase batteries separately.
  • No water and dust proof therefore not suitable to use in extreme weather conditions.

Great hunt

I think camera has become need for everyone of us now like other basic necessities of life. And with this 360 degree camera , life would become more exciting and funny .

I just love 360 degree cameras because it gives you the pleasure to capture fun moments from different angles.

An attractive product from every point of view, with a simple but eye-catching design, undeniable premium video quality (4K) and a practical size for all occasions.

Thanks for share this hunt!

A camera that is this small and
capture plus live stream VR contents with just a push of a button is commendable and worth getting. I also love that it connects freely with various video platforms on the internet.

wow,,, this is amazing, that you can actually film WATS not existing. Lol.

Wonderful!!! nice hunt @acinad
i so much love this product

You can use Orah 4i anywhere any time. From Orah 4i you can capture your historical moment. Thank for sharing this cool hunt.

I think this camera very nice, with a good design features and its very support for my activities

nicely wrapped little cool camera, if you need a camera this is definitely an great choice to capture great videos

Love the view and the HD
why are there too many camera and VR hunt today? :-/

Pros and Cons
-Virtual reality live streaming camera will reinvent the live stream industry
-This pair with game streaming will be awesome

-Will take a while before it get popularized, VR goggles are too expensive


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