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Smart Touch Mirror!



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Mirrorvue is a Smart Mirror for the geek inside you. If you ever wanted a nice mirror on your wall, that could also do some things to help you, like tell you the weather, some important news, the clock and date.

It comes in many sizes, just find the one that fits your wall best. I think this could really cheer you up in the morning if you see your favourite news on the mirror or the weather,

I think you can even add the crypto prices live on it.




Hunter: @ady-was-here


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Hi @ady-was-here,

Thanks for your hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.

Wow I could not think of anything worse 💯🐒

Ok... I don't know why but one day you'll probably have one.

Sad thing is your probably right Shit! 💯🐒

I could not think of anything worse 💯🐒



Semingly cool tool.

This smart mirror technology really shocked when I found out about it.. Really opening the doors for great technology..and this is another brand of smart mirror. However, if my wife take 45min to get ready in the bathroom and front of mirrow, if i installed this she will take much longer to ready ... that will be pain in the ass for me waiting for her.

For the geek inside of you? I think this is even for non geeks. Geek or no geek, weather and news can be enjoyed by anyone, plus one can avoid the morning news anchor's fake enthusiasm :)

Pros -

  1. Easy to use and will look neat in the house
  2. Get the weather while you're gettinf ready, no need to check phone or shout 'alexa'
  3. Easy to read news

Cons none


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