Beosound EDGE - Wireless Multiroom Speaker

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Beosound EDGE

Wireless Multiroom Speaker



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"Bang & Olufsen" has launched the "Beosound Edge Wireless Multiroom Speaker" which is a very dynamic audio speaker with an elegant circle design for your home and very easy to use can also be placed on the wall of your house.
Beosound Edge can control sound levels by rotating the speaker forward and backward, even combined with clarity and attractiveness.
Just by tapping the surface to stop the song or skip the song. There are many advantages, the Beosound Edge also has a sensitive sensor when you move nearby to activate or turn off the speaker.

  • Available on November 2018.



Hunter: @alestta

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I hope you enjoy this photo from pexels.

Good luck and happy hunting!

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Thanks a lot @playitforward

The design is really beautiful! i love this already. With the chance of placing it on wall, it means i wont be worried about kids spoiling it. Nice hunt!

Thank you :)

I will love to have one just in my room. I'm a lover of music and this speaker will be very useful for me

Nice hunt my friend @alestta. Looks great product to me.

Wish you great success here.

Thank you so much :)

wow this product is amazing, I just saw speakers like this with good output and also this speaker is able to follow the motion for its activity.

I like all the B&O products, perfect sound with sleek design. Great hunt.

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