KEAS MOV-1 - Ceramic Bluetooth Speaker

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Ceramic Bluetooth Speaker



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A beautiful piece of art from this Bluetooth Speaker made of ceramic bowl-shaped material with this elegant and unique design, there is a high quality sound from KEAS MOV-1 that will surely give satisfaction to its users.

  • Battery: L-ion 11.7v, 1,700mAh
  • Dimensions: (LxWxH) 32,3x32,2x12,9 cm, 12,7x12,7x 5,07 inc
  • Weight: 3.8kg, Adapter 0.3kg
  • Using a Bluetooth 4.0 connection



Hunter: @alestta

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Hi @alestta,

Thanks for your hunt but AudioGeeks is an ecommerce platform for audio platforms and thus not a valid product link for Steemhunt’s guidelines.

Please try to find the product page for KEAS. Let me know when you’ve update the product link so I can re-review your hunt.

@fknmayhem done, and i hope this time I'm right

If you check out the Mokey International about page, then you will notice they are a platform allowing merchants to sell their products, and MoKey focuses on discovering the products/brands as well.

As such this is also a not-valid product link because the e-Commerce platform is not by the manufacturer.

Hello @fknmayhem, is it my link already correct?

This still is an audio ecommerce platform, not the KEAS manufacturer site.

I’m sorry but I have to de-list this hunt.

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Great hunt!
The design is really nice and the size is just right perfect
I hope the price would be cheaper
Thanks for the sharing :D

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