Ring Beams - Home Security Light

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Ring Beams

Home Security Light



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Hunter's comment

I will introduce technology with the new security methods of Ring Beams, which will be a perfect complement to Ring security devices and cameras to observe home security and affordable environments with Home Security Lights, you can install it anywhere.

This smart lamp can be installed ten percent in the area of the house you need.




Hunter: @alestta


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Hi @alestta,

Thanks for your hunt. Sadly I can not yet approve it as the hunt’s link is an announcement about an acquisition of the Mr. Beam company by Ring.

Additionally, the hunt’s description is rather vague and seems to cover almost a product line rather than an actual product.

Can you please update link and description to be about an actual Beam (or Ring) specific product.

Let me know via a comment when you’ve made requested changes.

Forgive me for doing wrong. I have replaced it, please check again @fknmayhem

Thanks for the edit but now you link to a pitch for “every Ring 2018”.

What I actually would like to see, especially because both Ring and Mr. Beam have multiple products, is a hunt for a specific product.

Like this Ring video doorbell.

You can easily stay within the Mr. Beam products, especially since they will continue to be an independently operating brand. :)

De-listed for failure to edit within reasonable period of time (+24 hours).

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