- Learns about shoppers behaviour in your store

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Learns about shoppers behaviour in your store



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Hunter's comment

It is an A.I tool that could train a ai bot to learn shoppers behaviour in your store.It could analyze human movement and track their behaviour. The ai bot could learn by itself.


  • Have sensors provided
  • Tool is implement with C++ and python
  • detailed tutorial about how to use
  • technical support
  • Human movement and behaviour detection
  • Obstacle navigation and detection



Hunter: @alex3883

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Hmm, may be a great way for increasing profit of the stores by learning shopper's behaviour. Great hunt.

Oh. this is a breakthrough, this provides better information to sellers with respect to their buyers and so know what is most striking.

Wonderful Hunt!

AI games only check and track the human behavior that's what it is doing. It is a quite interesting bot which can be learn by itself.

Cool hunt...
Artificial intelligence embedded gadget will definitely be able to be used to great advantages of its owner...


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