Celebrity Voice Changer - Convert your voice into a celebrity with A.I

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Celebrity Voice Changer

Convert your voice into a celebrity with A.I



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Hunter's comment

Celebrity Voice Changer

It is an app using A.I. deep learning technology to convert your voice into any celebrity in seconds. It is a fun app to play with and playing tricks with your friends. It is also very cool to be a celebrity.


  • Change your voice into celebrities such as Donald Trump
  • Make funny calls and videos
  • Playing tricks on your friends
  • Looks like the real celebrity





Hunter: @alex3883


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can you edit the text at the bottom of the body text -- seems cut off for the links for IOS and android? thanks.

@teamhumble Actually I don't really know what do you mean. But I editted.

@alex3883 yeah that looked better thanks! 😀

Yupp its really cool app i like to do prank on my frnd due to change my voice through this app yaa its really great stuff to entertain ourself.

~Love this hunt~

Hahaha, This app is great for me to make jokes. I wonder how it sounds when Donald Trump uses my phrases Thanks for sharing. Great app, great hunt.

I can't wait for making jokes to my friends by Celebrity Voice Changer. Hahahah. Thanks for sharing. Great app, great hunt.

thanks for the fixes, verified.

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I think it could be used doing some pranks like calling your friend using his hated cartoon character. Cool app, @alex3883!

it's funny
awesome tool for play with boring
can be used to make pranks
cool app in your group

This is absolutely good for a prank call. "evil pranks" - hahaha


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