Focuster - An A.I. task management tool

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An A.I. task management tool



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It is a task management tool built with A.I. technology. It uses A.I. to automatically arrange your schedules and prioritize your tasks to maximize your efficiency. It is a very useful task management tool for personal use and entrepreneurs.


  • Multiple calendar synchronization: google, apple...
  • Automatic tasks scheduling and prioritizing
  • Support Trello to collaborate with your teammates
  • Beautiful user-interface
  • Have google chrome extension Here



Hunter: @alex3883

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wow! a very cool hunt @ alex3883 this application is very useful to set the schedule of tasks so it is not late to do the task

Time is one of the most important things but, still, people are acting as if they have too much. I stumbled upon, and I am using myself management tools and time-tracking apps since they are so useful but, you rarely see one that's powered by AI, and this makes it very interesting. I am curious what big of a difference it is between something like this and a classic one.

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This is a useful tool because basically it will help us to organize and optimize our tasks, since this app works as a personal assistant that will automate and allow us to get more out of our time.

Well done.


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