BeachBoard - Surfing On Sand

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Surfing On Sand


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Hunter's comment

My Review :

Forget all scooters you've seen before. Beachboard is very different from them. We like to go on the beach when we go to tatile and spend lots of time. This product is designed in a previously unstructured style and allows us to navigate with this tool on the beach. I can also say that it is very eco-friendly because it is electric.


  • 14 MPH Maximum Speed
  • High/Low + Forward/Reverse switches for enhanced maneuverability
  • Thumb throttle with one touch speed control and LED battery charge level indicator
  • Low psi balloon tires for optimal traction on any terrain
  • Master key switch with removable key for theft protection



Hunter: @alikoc07

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I like it, although it is a bit big, I can imagine my children enjoying it in the next holidays

İt looks very enjoyable. Being electrical device is very big plus for me. After watched the video, I really want to try it. Thanks for nice contribution.

A great scooter to use on the beach and especially on the sand. It has 4 wheels and flexible turn and maneuverability. It is moving quite well on the sand. They need to have many of this product in luxury hotels.

A charged sand surfing vehicle. Not only on the beach but also in the desert can be used, this tool can be used for sand surfing. Speed control is possible with one touch and it has forward and backward properties. LED display charge level plus a feature.

I have had surf experience but I would like to get on Beachboard also. It must be perfect. Great hunt.

a skateboard for the beach, I love it, on the beach it is always difficult to walk on the sand, it was impossible to ride on a skateboard because of the difficulty of the terrain, with BeachBoard you will not have that problem, besides it is electric, it does not pollute and it is silent, it has a Acceptable speed 14 MPH, LED battery charge level indicator, your low psi balloon tires for optimal traction in any terrain, use removable key to turn it on to avoid being stolen.Great hunt

Surfing on sand??

Where read about this I want to loud laugh... That's impossible but you make it possible by your great hunt @alikoc07

Yeah... day after day innovation and technology make our life more easier.

Good hunt friend

Cool just awesome hunt !!

I really like this kind of scooters. I think I'll get a similar one. GREAT HUNT!

That's pretty cool. Now we can surf in the sand!


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