Argent - Simple and Secure Smart Wallet for Crypto

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Simple and Secure Smart Wallet for Crypto



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This is the most simple and smart wallet that makes your crypto transactions and holding easy. Security is foremost but UI is also very good with this wallet so anyone can use it easily.

Enjoy unprecedented protection: auto block large transfers, lock & unlock your wallet, and recover without a seed phrase. Simply regain access using trusted friends, MetaMask, Ledger or Trezor.



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this is nice because a simple wallet is needed for most of us for crypto txns.

Simple and secure make it perfect choice for user. I would like to check it. Thanks for sharing.

Looks like a great wallet app that can make the crypto experience easy.

Wow! What a helpful wallet you have searched. This will be the right choice to save cryptos. Great Hunt!

I like the feature of auto blocking of large transfers but recovering without seed phrases using trusted friends seems a little sketchy to me. I'll give it a pass for now.

Security is the foremost thing which everyone wants in the digital world, so Argent looks a simple and secure smart Wallet for Crypto, thanks for sharing.

Nice one seems fine but we need to check it out first with little funding

Nice one seems fine but
We need to check it out first
With little funding

                 - moeenali

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

A very simple and Secure Smart Wallet for Crypto lovers that will help them in protecting their assets.

Argent - DeFi in a tap promises to be a versatile crypto wallet.
Interesting Hunt. @alokkumar121
Thank you! 🙏

Protect your fund and prevent prying eyes from stealing your fund. Really smart for wallet.


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