Mindist - First meditation creation & practicing app

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First meditation creation & practicing app



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Meet first meditation creation and practicing app aka Mindist.
Benefit right away from:

  • Meditation recording studio in a pocket for mindfulness teachers
  • Diverse meditation content to practice for users
  • Matching users with teachers





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Meditation is vey good and I do it sometimes when have time.

It's better to get the diversifie and meditation technique from such a wonderful application. As it is adopting with the teacher is superb where to create and practice meditation

Meditation can really improve your health by lowering the cortisol levels in your body, so it is worth trying this out and learning how to calm yourself down.

Seems to be nice first meditation creation & practicing app.

Crushed, after one particular crush I had to setup my keyboard's layouts again, and spell check was reset too.

great hunt you did very well congratulations

Mindist promises a comprehensive meditation resource.
Interesting Hunt! @anabelys
Thank you!


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