AquaShield - Smart Controlling for Aquaponics and Hydroponics

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Smart Controlling for Aquaponics and Hydroponics



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Many techniques are used for gardening But AquaShield is an amazing and very smart controlling teqnique to control the temprature and conductivity and to track many other factors of your garden.It also measures the water level with built in sensors that do the job of watering easy and smart. You don't need to worry about your garden, it will take care of it intelligently.

  • AquaShield is the most advanced system that helps you to monitor and control your hydroponics or aquaponics setup.
  • The Raspberry Pi runs our own software, the AquaShield Connect, that will be available as a free download, so if you already have a Raspberry Pi at home, you could just use that device. Source



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Very important tool for people who love gardening. The can keep an eye on temperature and hydroponics or aquaponics setup.

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It is very useful product for farmers and also for those who love gardening.
It is very rare and unique product


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