Finding Rover - A dog facial recognition app in case they get lost

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Finding Rover

A dog facial recognition app in case they get lost



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Finding Rover is an app that focuses on helping users if ever their pets go missing. Users only need to register their dog and take a photo of them using the app.

In the event that your dog goes missing or ran away, the facial recognition feature of the app can be used to search dog shelters that resemble your dog's feature.

To know how it works, check the video below:


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This is a great innovation. I never knew that something like this was even possible. From the looks of it, we might think that the face of all the dogs can look similar and it can be challenging to recognize similar dogs. But this innovation would prove our thoughts wrong. Great hunt.


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Awesome hunt for dog lover many time they play here and their and lost this app is very useful to find out them easily impressive hunt keep sharing.☺

appreciate the comment buddy! thanks!

This is awesome!!! I can gladly say, no more strays because this app will really reduce the number of missing dogs. By just taking their pictures, you can find your dog whenever it goes missing.... This is a great innovation, I really love it

yeah i agree! thanks for reading my post!

Good @Find-the-Dog@ application )


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Really? And here we thought they all look alike. Cool app.

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yeah i thought so too. never knew an app like this can be applied to dogs too hehe thanks for dropping by!

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