power pot - Charge your device while cooking using your pot

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power pot

Charge your device while cooking using your pot



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What a better way to feed your device while preparing your own meal!

Ipower pot is a cool product that converts thermal energy into electrical energy that can be used to power up our phones and tablets.

So while you go on you next camp knowing there won't be electricity, it's best you go with one of the cooking pots cause you will probably have to cook every time not for your belly alone but for the little guys (your phonea and tablets) too.




Hunter: @arcjen


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I like this idea and its scope of usefulness, @arcjen. Electricity has been used to produced thermal energy in water heaters etc but this is a clever reverse approach, not new but unique in this form and for this purpose.

Pot with power

I love natural sources of power especially from solar energy. Well I haven't really come across tapping power from heat as such from cooking. This is something I have to check out.
thanks for the hunt

Cool hunt @arcjen Why did no on else invent this already years ago?
It's so simple, yet so helpful and innovative, by using the energy/power it creates.

As an advice maybe you can add more info to the product or at least add up the most interesting part about it.

Keep up the interesting hunts and enjoy your day @arcjen


This product that you present today if that is the innovation of the pots; useful, light, multipropose. Excellent your way of energy conversion; I think that beyond being just a product for when you go camping; It would be very useful to have it for daily use at home. We would reduce the use of electrical energy. It is amazing to see how people have good ideas in any context, in this case the creators had this powerful idea in front of a campfire..!

Now it only remains to say Congratulations and continue to bring the best of your searches to: @Steemhunt..!

interesting! , I never knew such converters existed, I am sure every camper and homesteader will love this. harnessing waste energy into useful energy is something which really less number of people are going after.

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Heat energy to electrical energy ????
wow..! how awesome is that, who wouldn't love to get this gadget (not me)
Just hope the rubber parts of the cables don't get melted be the heat

Nice hunt...!


OMG !! What a good hunting friend, this is great. I live in a field where electricity failures are constant, this would help me a lot at some time I need to charge my smartphone, it is an excellent way to convert energy, to cook electricity: D

I wish you good luck, Greetings!


  • It is environmentally friendly
  • It is easy to be carried
  • It have a great design
  • A bit expensive

This looks too cool to be real .. But I guess it is real .. Kudos to the brains behind this innovation... Nice hunt by you @arcjen ... You did well on this ..

All the best on the hunt

nice hunt @arcjen
This shouldn't be for only camp (my personal thought)
More of products like this that can convert thermal to electrical should be produced cause I would love one some day

Great hunting !!!
Excellent product, really for those trips where electricity is usually our enemy, its function two is one, it is very useful to acquire it and not leave it; also by its structure can save us in those circumstances where the battery is essential
I loved it. Congratulations.

Wow ... This is another great piece if technology here .. The direct conversion will help to reduce the Easter heat generated while cooking ... Cool piece this is going to go a very long way in saving our devices from getting low ..

Great hunt



A product with a rare amazing feature. Quite innovative and looks really presentable.

No need to rely much on electricity when in an environment without it.

Nice hunt hunter @arcjen

Are you kidding me. This is cool. Energy transformed from one form to another. This is going to make life a lot more easier.

Waoo good hunting, my wife will love it, since she loves cooking and also technology

Ipower Pot to be great is a dream come true, we keep our children's videogames loaded while we prepare food for them, good hunting, I will add it to my articles that I want

Amazing hunting friend.

I love not only to camp without not at a time when we are without electricity we could cook and at the same time load our phones, tablets, I LOVE ... luck in your hunt