9082 AR - vibrate rocker game gun

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9082 AR

vibrate rocker game gun



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Hunter's comment

This gun is suitable for Android 4.4.4. The screen support can support 4-6 inch screen, In the AR GUN shooting game, you can aim 360 * 360 in situ
3, The high-precision joystick can move the characters in one direction, and the multifunction buttons can react with sensitivity and jump, the hand is fully comfortable and conforms to ergonomics, the 300 mAh lithium battery is rechargeable has function vibration motor of the body, also
feedback of shooting and vibration, is very dynamic and realistic.




Hunter: @arianna22


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This looks legit fun! I am sure a lot of game enthusiasts would enjoy to try out something like that. I sure wouldn't mind. How much does it go for?