Moskito - smartphone controlled plane with joystick

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smartphone controlled plane with joystick



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  • It connects via Bluetooth

  • Impressive range of 200 feet

  • Three levels of difficulty to help you along the way.

  • You can enjoy 12 minutes of flight.

  • Controller that allows you to manage from long distances.


  • Joystick design for effortless and precise control.

  • Five built-in LED lights, you can always see the plane.

  • It recharges completely in only 20 minutes.

  • Highly durable and is ready to fly from the first moment.




Hunter: @arianna22

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Remote controlled planes are usually really hard to fly but this one looks like the control could be much easier. It is also quite cheap I just hope it can survive a few crashes which are usually unavoidable if you are learning to fly drones/planes.

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Would like to see this paired up with a simple lightweight camera drone. Looks a lot easier to control than other aerial devices / drones in a similar category.

Lol, no you can't. Its just a toy, you cant expect too much for a drone with a price of $60. I suggest that you better comment other hunts that you really know, and it is not easy to control a drone with a smartphone even with a joystick.

I want one!!! This looks like guaranteed fun. Its cool that there are 3 different levels of difficulty, making flying it a more challenging experience.

Seems to be light and portable too. Great hunt!

Wow looks so much fun. Its range of 200 feet and controller that we can control the plane is just so great. so much fun to play with. Good hunt

Hello @arianna22. I will consider this a cool toy. I also wanted to try this because I've never been tried playing a remote controlled plane using my android phone like this. Thank you for sharing this. Keep it up!


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That is a Funny name for a toy drone like this. I think this hunt is great for kids, I know that this drone is not that really portable because it is simply just a toy.

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Great Hunt!


Awesome toy! Really looks cool and easy to control and for once it is not a drone (Yeayy! ;) ). For the price of only about $60 USD you get an awesome range of 200m and up to 12 minutes flight time. Definitely going to think about getting me one of these!

Keep on the good work!

Amazing, if I had seen it in a store, I would not think I could do so many wonderful things, this is impressive. Successes in your next hunts, thanks for sharing things like this @arianna22


This looks really fun. I would want to have one of these. It recharges really fast and the range you can control at is impressive as well.

It seems like one wouldn't have a problem controling it.

It's a small, twelve-minute toy. You can easily control it with the phone application. With the LED lights you can see the aircraft from anywhere. You can always use it because it can be charged quickly.


  • unique and sophisticated

  • Connect via Bluetooth

  • Controller that allows you to remotely manage.


  • none

a great toy to get since i love flying objects. thank you for sharing this.