PeTphone - Give a Gift of Music to Your Pet

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Give a Gift of Music to Your Pet


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Our pets' ear canals are "L" shaped and their ears are more sensitive to certain sounds, which is why normal hearing aids should not be used on our pets.
Music can relax our pets in situations that are stressful for them, it also entertains them when they are bored. Many people have noticed that soft music can help relax our pets' anxiety during lightning storms, fireworks, vacuum cleaners or Visits by unusual guests, as well as leaving on a trip or going to crowded places can also stress them,
But many times we do not want to listen to music, or we talk on the phone or watching TV, and this makes it difficult for our pet to listen to their music.
PetPhone is the world's first personal music player designed especially for pets.

PetPhone is specially designed for pets. It has lower volume settings that are more compatible for the animal ear.

PetPhone avoids large volumes that can damage your hearing. PetPhone gives your pet a personalized music playlist, allowing you the freedom to



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For fur moms like me, this is a must!