swiftdemand - SwiftDemand rewards it users 100 tokens per day

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SwiftDemand rewards it users 100 tokens per day






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SwiftDemand is a basic blockchain income experiment that rewards users 100 tokens immediately after registration and additional 100 tokens per day. The user have to log in to claim the reward everyday. it also rewards users 500 tokens for each referral.

SwiftDemand is currently a universal basic income but promised to become a generally accepted cryptocurrency by mid 2018. Once 5 million users have been reached, they will stop issue swift tokens, and tokens can only be generated via income generation. Swift demand is very good in such a way that users don't need to perform any task to get the token, just log in and claim it free of charge.

The main aim and objective of SwiftDemand is to create a financial market place and a currency that will build the first income ecosystem, the ecosystem will consists of the entities, citizens and the ID providers.
SwiftDemand is safe, secure and reliable. Password recovery is very easier should in case it got lost, all personal data are kept private.
Presently SwiftDemand is requesting all users to upload a valid Government Identity card in other to stop users from creating Multiple accounts and get along with the serious users.

Aside the Government Identity card, one thing different about SwiftDemand is that users must have and provide Identity on registration, its compulsory to key in address, phone number and email for verification. Without all this, users wont be eligible for the tokens. These are the proofs to believe that SwiftDemands is serious about its project and will soon turn all users to Billionaires. The purpose for having a Universal basic income on SwiftDemand is to make it fairer in terms of distribution, all users earn the same tokens.
SwiftDemand also comes along with store as can be seen in the images above, in the store, users can buy all forms of products with the earned tokens. Though presently, the store is still yet to be filled with much goods like that, but as time goes on, we should expect more from the store.

In Conclusion, Cryptocurrencies in general are here to change the distribution of wealth, so that all the low income earners will atleast be independent of others, also wealth will be in circulation and poverty will be reduced globally.
So currently SwiftDemands has no value, but promised to be valued when it turns to cryptocurrency by mid 2018.
I will urge all users to hold on tight to their tokens, treasure and cherish it, don't joke with it, for in SwiftDemand token lies abundant wealth.




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