MiaoMiao Smart Reader - A diabetic continuous glucose monitoring

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MiaoMiao Smart Reader

A diabetic continuous glucose monitoring



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This little thing upgrades functionality of Freestyle Libre from Abbott. As Libre is "FGM" not a "CGM" (continuous glucose monitoring) for diabetic patients.
MiaoMiao is a reader of Libre and sends every 5 min a glucose level to the phone with special app (xDrip+, Glimp or Spike).
So with MiaoMiao reader you get fully Freestyle Libre as CGM.

One of best thing is that it is removable and rechargeable and it works for 10+ days. Wow.




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Update: This hunt is now delisted due to wrong product name and no corrections/edits being done after a request.

Before I can approve your hunt, please correct the product name to "MiaoMiao Smart Reader". Thanks

I did what you asked for... Thanks for your response.

With the passage of time technology have changed the lives of human. Now we have robots to do every type of tasks (Soft to hard). We have Artificial Intelligent based devices and stuff which really helps in our daily life. Now we have VR / AR too which is most advanced technology and we have got various useful inventions with the help of these latest techniques in technology. This hunt is medical based. I am so happy that scientists have done tremendous job in this field too and now we have lots of medical devices which fulfills almost solution of most of the diseases:

MiaoMiao​ CGM - A diabetic continuous glucose monitoring.

diabetic is a very dangerous disease, unfortunately we have not a proper solution to control it. Only if we do care then we can stop. But now we have apps and devices which tells us the present status and we can monitor. MiaoMiao​ CGM is a great innovation. Awesome hunt.

Diabetes is very common nowadays and the ratio of it's increase is very fast. Diabetes usually attacks you when you stop caring for yourself, you stop going for walk, and the amount of insulin start decreasing in your body and you start feeling pain in your feets. this is the situation where you need to measure you Blood sugar level on the daily basis to set the amount of insulin to be injected in your body. MiaoMiao​ CGM can be a great tool to measure your glucose level, it sends reading every 5 minute. It is easy to remove and rechargeable.

Wao what a great and useful hunt. I totally appriciate your effort. You find best and perfect product for diabetic patients. Now a days techonology going to much faster day by day. Technolgy helps you to spend your life become easy. This device very helpsful for diabetic patients. Diabetic patients very easy to check his diabetic. Hopefully this device gives perfect result. Really very cool hunt. Thanks for sharing.

Diabetes is really a difficult disease. The main reason for this is the fact that the nutrients we receive on a daily basis raise our sugar and when we need to precisely adjust the insulin needle to our body. With this device, the amount of glucose in our body is more technologically than the instruments that are measuring by taking a small drop of blood used by many diabetic patients. The amount of glucose in every hour of the day by telling us the smartphone application allows us to take control of our disease.


  • MiaoMiao is waterproof, rechargeable and is compatible with all major reporting applications. Use it while showering, and charge it just once every 2 weeks.
  • MiaoMiao is designed for ultimate convenience of use. It is slim & compact, there is no external device required for your glucose readings.
  • MiaoMiao will trigger an alarm at the slightest sign of glucose irregularity caught by your libre. As well, MiaoMiao’s APP integrations allow for multiple family members to log in and monitor your data.


Medical science is doing a great job and saving lives of people in around the world by using the latest technology. This smart reader has some great functionalities and features which make the difference. I appreciate your find. Thanks

I have already seen some latest devices which tells the diabetic present status and also you can monitor whenever you need. But honestly speaking I don't know either this device is perfect or not for diabetic patients. Indeed I have to check it 1st in detail and I will do my research soon. Thanks for a quality hunt. Keep it up.

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