Stereosense - Create 360° video apps for VR in minutes

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Create 360° video apps for VR in minutes



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Stereosense is a web based tool for creating mobile 360° VR playlist apps with only your video assets. Without coding & in just a few minutes.

We all love beautiful apps but lack the coding skills to get a good one. Stereosense is a good way to scale though this odd.

Stereosense is a good initiative to have 360° video app. All you need upload your media assets and allow stereosense to do the rest.

You need no coding skill to have a good app. All you need to do is trust Stereosense to get a good one done for you.

Stereosense wil help you create a similar app like the one above (middle image) with your own brand.

Let your customers experience your apps on mobile as well as desktop based systems.

There is a free version but with watermarked. The basic fee is 49Eur

Click HERE to download Sterosense on App Store

Click HERE to download Stereosense for Google Playstore

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Hunter: @biggy-ewu

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Hello @biggy-ewu

I have always marveled at the rate at which new advances in Technology has reduced the barriers which people had in building things like this.

We are now in the period where you can get efficient Templates to build whatever you want, without knowing the ground work around that tech.

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Great hunt @biggy!

This could be useful for people that develop apps/games for VR, and people that make 360 videos on youtube. Nice product!

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Likely to make much sense, thanks for bringing it here.

Pros and Cons
-Perfect tools for VR experience
-Great for beginners before big investments

-quality cannot compare to the real VR goggles

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Very good hunting, @ biggy-ewu, this really gives a twist to the development of VR. Next I will leave my personal peony to you about this product.


  • This product is excellent since it cancels the requirement of knowing how to program to create 360 videos.
  • It has a content library where all the videos you make will be stored, and users will have the option of viewing it online or downloading it.
  • It is totally multiplatform since it is available for mobile devices (Android, iOS), Web and virtual reality.
  • It is very light since the application for mobile devices weighs only 96.8 MB.


  • The rates of use are somewhat high, of great rest APP.

Very good hunting, thanks for bringing such innovative applications. Keep it up!

This is just my personal opinion


  • interesting application

  • high creativity

  • can create similar apps as above (middle image) with your own brand.


  • no hunting for this

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