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RE: Tensorflow.js - running Machine Learning algorithm on web browser

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  • Don't have to install any softwares on your PC
  • Can run straight from the browser
  • great for beginners who wants to learn
  • users can make use of their webcam + mics on their pc
  • being a .js file, users may be able to use it on mobile platforms as well
  • users who have tensorflow background can apply the same ideas to tf.js


  • webgl is definitely slower than traditional python AVX
  • js might not have all the libraries which are common in python

It still a very early phase, I expect more to come, and they might use wasm in future?

yea it was just announced not too long ago, 2 months or something like that... wasm huh... interesting... it might speed things up a bit, but again, i don't think it'll be able to make full use of the gpu i guess..

haha true, not for model training...
But wasm shows a lot of potential on server side also. Look at EOS, it is build with WASM.

ah okay, havent check out EOS before haha.. will look out for it :)