BitBargain - Marketplace to connect buyers and sellers of BTC and LTC

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Marketplace to connect buyers and sellers of BTC and LTC



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This is a safer place to buy coins than localbitcoins in the UK, because BitBargain vets sellers to make sure they won't take your money but not give you any coins - the chances of getting scammed are low.

Bitbargain act as the escrow, holding both fiat and bitcoins and releasing them when both the buyer and seller have transferred them into escrow.

The buyer doesn't pay any fees, the seller pays for the listing.

There are various methods of buying coins - they accept direct deposit, faster payment, credit and debit cards

They require both buyers and sellers to verify their identity to complay with money laundering rules.


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What is the liquidity like on exchanges like this? If you have to get verified, you might as well choose one of the larger exchanges where the liquidity is good and there are a lot of alts to choose from.


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