HOMEDICS Air Purifier - HOMEDICS TotalClean AP-25A-GB Air Purifier for the home

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HOMEDICS Air Purifier

HOMEDICS TotalClean AP-25A-GB Air Purifier for the home



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If you live near a busy road and get a lot of air polution, consider getting this Air Purifier for your home.

It has a HEPA filter, which gets rid of 99.97% of allergens, pollen, dust, germs, pet dander, odour, mould spores, and smoke. The HEPA filter can be cleaned, meaning that it can last up to five times longer than a conventional filter.

Large particles and household smells from your cooking are captured by a carbon filter, giving you additional comfort.

It has a timer that you can program to come on at different times of the day, with three speeds. There is an auto off switch so you don't have to worry about turning it off.




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I dont have air purifier at my home but worth checking if this is really needed for cleaner air. nice hunt

Air Purifie is much needed for us to have clean air at home and for better health

thanks for giving detailed information about HOMEDICS Air Purifier. pure air is basic need and especially people who lives in city area

This is a great air purrifier that will help to provide fresh air and would be helpful for those who are facing the breathing issue nice find

At the first sight it sounds a bit expensive to an average middle class household. I prefer planting some natural indoor plants for the purpose but with air quality level worsening everyday, this one could be a safe bet as an insurance for our health :)

HOMEDICS Air Purifier looks quite useful air purifier for the home, thanks for shring.

I like the Purifier loaded with bunch of features. Good Hunt


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