PolyDEX - Completely gasless, instant, cross-chain DEX

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Completely gasless, instant, cross-chain DEX



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PolyDEX - “PancakeSwap of Ethereum using L2 solution having zero gas fees”
PolyDEX is a gas-less AMM on the Polygon L2 Solution. PolyDEX will have feature like Partner pools, elastic farms, IFOs, quick exits to ETH layer 1, as well as community farms.




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interesting hunt related to dex in crypto

I will check this out and see what services they offer

decentralized exchanges are needed to accommodate increasing crypto trade

Nice hunt will try it soon which seems a new cross chain dex nice findn

I see DEX and I instantly have 1 good reason to support.

  • No central control
  • No KYC
  • You get to own your funds

Doesn't mean all DEXs are good. But it's good have competition with CEXs.

Polygon is great when it comes to fees. This is more of Swap Exchange than a traditional order book based STEEM-Engine like exchanges.

thank you very much for sharing a great app, have a nice day and great hunting

Nice Hunting
PolyDEX is a great completely gasless, instant, cross-chain DEX.

Interesting exchange and looks nice

Impressive hunt, thanks for sharing with us.

excellent hunting ..! thanks for sharing it with us..! Congratulations

💥PolyDEX promises community farms.
Interesting Hunt! @carlos3332018
Thank you!


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