Rolls Royce Robots - They Keep The Engine, Without The Need To Lower It

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Rolls Royce Robots

They Keep The Engine, Without The Need To Lower It



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With Rolls Royce maintenance robots, it will no longer be necessary to completely remove the engine from the aircraft to perform some tasks.

Rolls Royce comprises a series of robots, where the Swarm Robots that measure only 10 mm in diameter enter the aircraft engine and return a live video to the mechanics for their respective inspection.

Swarm Robot


These Swarm Robots enter through the Flare Robots that are similar to snakes, these in turn receive help from the Permanent Periscope Robots called Inspect, so that finally, a Remote Deletion Robot allows a maintenance team to install it inside the engine.



Hey, @carlos3332018 you found the really helpful product easy to use and very effective to small in size and lightweight product overall great hunt

This is a great relief for the aeronautical companies, because with this maintenance robots they save money in repairs, and it is faster, since it avoids the need to lower the engine of the aircraft.

This is high-end Robotic Engineering..!
Great hunting..!


  • Small robots that capture images of good quality inside the engine.

  • This fact is very suitable to avoid disassembling a part so complicated by trifles.

  • Facilitates the tasks of mechanical repair.

  • Any. This hunting is great.


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Wooww.. small robotics and give great impact in aeronautical engineering industry. Really awesome hunt. New innovations for helping to maintenance in engine system.

Great Hunt @carloss3332018

This is amazing, I think I saw something similar in the Stargate scifi tv series.

This offers many advantages. You don't need to pick apart the whole engine to see what's wrong with the help of these swarm robots and the flare robots can do some repairs from the inside as well.

It's time and cost efficient.

Rolls-Royce is famous with the cars but it is also very successful at aircrafts' engines. Definitely this robot will be perfect. Congratulations for this hunt @carlos3332018


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