YI HALO - The Most Advanced VR 3D-360 Camera

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The Most Advanced VR 3D-360 Camera



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This impressive YI HALO system works with the Google Jump platform, where it was developed and features 17 integrated cameras and each one of them registers an impeccable 4K resolution, with which it develops impressive 360 ​​degree shots.

Video recorded with YI HALO, you can rotate the video on your screen to see how impressive this camera system is.


  • Touch screen to format and a built-in level.

  • It can produce high quality stereo VR content up to 8K x 8K.

The first virtual reality recording made by YI HALO in Shanghai!

This camera system is expensive and let's say it is made for commercial and professional use, but we can not deny that it is very impressive, that recording with this system must be amazing.




Hunter: @carlos3332018


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Great hunt!! It's really nice. I think I would need it when I travel. I really like it abd I'd like to use it. It's very helpful to travlers. Thank you for a impressive product!!

Great hunt carlos, you are doing great! Keep it up! ;)

Pros and Cons
-Very high resolution 360 camera
-Convert real life to VR will enhance gaming a lot

-No ordinary household video tool, very expensive

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wow, this VR CAMERA looks way very cool. I believe this is another level for VR technology and I believe with this invention, our future movie will be more on VR and will give the best experience to audience.

This product seems to pressure me since you can record what you want with high quality cameras, sure it will be one of my next purchases YOUR HUNTING IS INCREDIBLE and more if you record your videos in 4K

Great hunt, especially for passionate videographers

Pros :

  • impressive 8K quality
  • high quality stereo
  • touch screen for easier maneuvering


  • price ( if I'm correct it's around 3500$ mark)

I've seen video camera's costing a couple of thousand dollars. This one with 17 4k camera's must be factors more expensive. Certainly only for the professionals then. Checking the example video, I must say, I'm impressed by the quality of the 3d videos. Sure, there is still some bending and curving ongoing, but I've seen much worse examples.

Nice Hunt!

  • It has 4k resolution.
  • The videos recorded are high quality videos.
  • Seamless stitching.


  • Quite expensive but you also get professional quality

What an awesome camera. Did they record all google streetview with this? It is an amazing thing with such specifications. I would like to have one but the price is above my budget

The looks is very cool. It can records 3D 360 video. But I think the size is too large and the weight is too heavy. So that, it is difficult to bring along with you.

This is amazing carema that can produce VR contents. It's quite expensive but I think it's worth it.

Hi, @carlos3332018, Great Hunt
Here is my opinion about your product.


  • I really like this gem because it has ability to produce stereo of high quality VR content and images too with cool settings.
  • It comes with high quality battery which lasts long.
  • It has a cool companion app and can be controlled remotely via android devices.
  • It comes with pelican case so it can be use in extreme conditions.
  • It has a build in tripod screw top marks for that.


  • There is nothing negative to say about this product, simply a wonderful camera.

This is just like combining my two most favorite things, VR tech and high definition cameras
excellent hunt bro

This is a really amazing camera because it offers an amazing image capture quality, which makes it perfect for content creators, as well as being characterized by being able to record in a 360-degree angle the photographs and videos will have a wonderful view.

It is expensive but I think that this type of gadget is geared to be created for professional uses

I cant help think about if we some time in the future will think back on when video was locked to the direction and focus chosen by the photographer at the moment of the recording - in stead of recording everything and leaving the choice of focus for the viewer...

Good for 360 recording


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Like the same product, it's black in the website. There really is a harmony. A camera that allows you to see everything. The view is great. I really liked your design. Keep finding hunts like this.

@carlos3332018, this camera looks fancy and has a lot of gadgets that looks really advanced. If it is not so expensive, I might consider but since it can do 3D-360, I would seriously look into this one. Cool hunt.

Wow its an amazing camera that record VR with 360 degree. Very good hunt

Wow! Have a nice hunt @carlos3332018
It is very good and the latest camera and comfortable for recording and it can be used as a professional way as you said. Thanks for sharing.

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