Leguino - Fusing Lego and Ardunio = Electronic Lego

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Fusing Lego and Ardunio = Electronic Lego


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Hunter's comment

Leguino is a 3rd party Lego product that integrates micro-processors to make building blocks more fun. The Leguino platform is integrated with with either Arduino uno/ nano processors or Raspberry pi zero. Taking Lego to a whole new level with customisable task. Building things that you want with Lego and control their actions with Arduino

Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at 9.57.10 pm.png

Build with Lego, Turn alive with Arduino

Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at 9.57.32 pm.png

What is inside?

Leguino is available in multiple kits, with the basic choice between different processors like Arduino uno/ nano processors or Raspberry pi zero. Further functional add on Lego Bricks includes: LCD display, OLED Display, Gear Motor, Switches, Buttons, Photosensors, LED, Climate, buzzer etc. Giving the users all the building bricks required for the Lego build to interact with the environment and respond.

Demo items

Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at 9.57.10 pm.png

From thermometers, to Lego bricks sweeping robots, your imagination and the use of the bricks determines the outcomes.

You are the Inventor

For more info





Hunter: @carobetc


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Pros and Cons
-Lego and Arduino and Raspberry, perfect combo
-Good introductory programming kit for beginners

-Still need to buy a lot of Lego which will be expensive

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  • Kids must love it as it is attractive
  • It can train kids’ brain, make time more creative
  • There is a lot of option


  • None for this hunt

Great hunt ! I Don't want to write a huge passage and bore everyone reading this , I shall do that in some few points and keep it short and sweet . So here are my thoughts

Pros :

  • Suitable for kids who are interesting in learning to work with software and hardware and also have a bit of fun
  • It is easy to use and any newbie can learn in some matter of hours
  • It creates a whole new experience while playing with lego

Cons :

  • I don't have any cons for this . It is really innovative

• very liked children
• assist parents in making their children happy

• may play too little to eliminate their thinking

My son will love this!! Nice hunt!

SUPER HUNT @carobetc

This is my opinion of Leguino


  • It's more of a lego in my opinion because this lego is equipped with Arduino Uno processors that are able to make this lego very special.
  • With the addition of functional LCD display, OLED Display, Gear Motor, Switch, Button, Photosensor, LED, Climate, Buzzer, DLL. Lego is a good recommendation for a great lego.
  • Provide a more enjoyable build experience.


  • No cons for this great Lego.

This is the value I give to your product

WOW! This is taking lego to a whole new level. Brilliant hunt @carobetc! This is great for children's exposure to working with software and hardware and maybe even for adults too!

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