Debt Firewall - Pay Your Debt, Earn Points, Win Money

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Debt Firewall

Pay Your Debt, Earn Points, Win Money



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Debt Fireball is rethinking the way consumers get out of debt. It connects to your accounts securely, automates a plan that you choose and you get to be rewarded for getting out of debt. The more you engage you'll earn points and the highest earners win money each month. Its app will be available for both ios and Android soon. You earn your first 100 points when you join the waitlist.


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I think its a nice and the best way to settle debts as it pay us back

WOW, it's an incredible mission to make this world debt-free. The people in debt really need the rewards the most. So if this app can actually do that, it would be wonderful solution to many invisible problems in this world.

Great hunt dear friend
This is really a great way to pay debts and earn money.
Thanks for sharing with us.

Debt Firewall looks a great platform to Pay Your Debt, Earn Points and Win Money, thanks for sharing

Okay lets see how this goes. Then where is it applicable or is it just for all ? Let see how it goes on the waiting list.

By not only rewarding people for paying down their debt, Debt Fireball also helps contribute to reducing debt.
Interesting Hunt. @cat-walk
Thank you! 🙏

On Instagram Debt Fireball has a post with an example winner earning $1,250 towards paying down your debt. Looks like the more people use the app the higher the earnings. Damn! Sign me up!!!


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