Anna - Virtual Assistant for Google Chrome

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Virtual Assistant for Google Chrome



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Hunter's comment

Anna is a virtual assistant for Google Chrome which you can automate most of your activities on browser by using your voice!

Just download and install it and say what you want to do.
Let's say that you want to open, then say "Hey, open steemhunt"


There are lots of actions more which you can automate with Anna.
Here are just some of them;

-Hey, bookmark - Anna will bookmark your current page
-Hey, downloads - Anna will show you your downloads
-Hey, open facebook - Anna will open Facebook
-Hey, open twitter - Anna will open Twitter
-Hey, history - Anna will show you your browser history
-Hey, close - Anna will close the current tab
-Hey, reload - Anna will refresh the current tab
-Hey, move to third tab - Anna will switch to the third tab
-Hey, safe mode - Anna will open a new incognito window

You can also take screenshots from full screen or any part of screen! Sounds good?



Visit Anna Asistant's Github page to see more of its features!



Hunter: @curtaintwitcher

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Awesome hunt ! Thanks for your work.

Here is my review for your hunt:

My personal score :★★★★★★★★ (Max: 10 Stars)


  • This product is very useful for daily life
  • This product is easy to access, just use chrome
  • This product can do a lot of work for us, save time and energy


  • None

Good job and great hunt!

Looking forward to see more great hunt from you!

Awesome hunt ! Your hunt is now verified.

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Nice hunt @curtaintwitcher

Very nice application especially useful for people with disabilities. I believe that these kinds of applications should increase

Good Hunt @curtaintwitcher

Pros / Cons


  • Anna has a complete ability as an assistant for your google chrome.
  • Various full features, such as knowing what is on the webpage, taking screenshots of webpage, small talk, watching youtube, folders, tweets, and various other things can be done easily.
  • Installation is very easy to do.


  • None.

My Opinion:

  • Unfortunately this is only for google chrome alone, hopefully the future will support with other browsers.

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Hello, your hunt is cool!
Here is my personal comment for your hunt:


  • Very useful and convenient
  • Just like AI from SF movie
  • Very easy to install and use


  • None

Great hunt! Thank you very much! Looking for your new hunt.

There's a virtual assistant for almost everything else in life, so why not google chrome? haha

  • don't need a mouse for a lot of things anymore
  • makes computing that much easier
  • maybe you can make a new friend, Anna seems nice haha


  • Life is becoming too easy.

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Finally a great invention and tools by chrome. Ironman has Javier, chrome has Anna!

  • Searching stuff easier in the internet.
  • Useful and very convinient to user.
  • User friendly.


  • only available on Chrome.

Overall, great hunt! @curtaintwitcher