Engagespot - Realtime notification platform for websites/web applications

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Realtime notification platform for websites/web applications



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Would you like to add a bell icon and a realtime notification center to your web app?

Let's say you have an e-commerce website and you made some campaign/discounts for some of your products. Then how will you contact with your customers to notify them about these discounts?

Here is Engagespot! It is a realtime notification platform for websites or web applications that you can send realtime and automated messages to your users.


So, you can send quick messages to your users/customers easily with Engagespot. They will see this message instantly if they are online. But no matter if they are not online, if your users/customers away from your website/app for that moment, then they will receive your message as a native browser push notification!




Hunter: @curtaintwitcher


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Hey @chronocrypto, thank you for approval!

This is a great tool. But how if I do not have an e-commerce website yet? Whether this tool can be used elsewhere, for example?

Hey @shaphir, thank you for your comment.
You know, it can be used on any kind of website/app.
I think we can use it even for a personal blog site to notify our followers/subscribers instantly for our new posts.
It's free for up to 1000 subscribers by the way.

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