Kipkam - An application that calms you down

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An application that calms you down


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In the daily life, we may need to deal with a lot of things during the day. Our body and mind are working overtime as they deal with these things. And this often leads to stress.

So, here is Kipkam. It's an application (IOS) that can help you calm down!


Just run this application and do some deep breathing exercises when you need to calm down. That's it. Yeah, it doesn't offer you a great life, it's just a little helper for feeling good!


Basic Usage
Tap screen to start Deep Breathing
Pull down screen to Restart
Pull up screen to go to settings




Hunter: @curtaintwitcher

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Cool app to have peace of mind! With these, one can learn one or two exercises and stay out of stress for good. A good app and hunt!

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This hunt is good for the health
This is an application can calm you down when you are stressed up. Buy doing some exercise, in the App, follow the breathing in and out, the App will help you conquer your stressful day.

Why not install now

@curtaintwitcher good job

Even though it may not seem like a great app, it's odd how fast you can relax using it.
It draws your attention away from the stress source, and through it's native controls, helps you chill out.

Great Hunt, @curtaintwitcher!

Must give it tomy boss.

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