LCD2 Closed-Back - A new powerful headphone from Audeze

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LCD2 Closed-Back

A new powerful headphone from Audeze



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LCD2 Closed-Back is the new product of Audeze's LCD series. We can say that it's closed-back designed version of LCD2 Classic.
This one offers more isolation and LCD2 Closed-Back is morse successful on reducing ambient noises!
So it offers more powerful sound experience.


LCD2 Closed-Back is also a comfortable headphone which comes with a lightweight headband, special nylon rings and memory foam earpads.

LCD2 Closed-Back's price: $899.00




Hunter: @curtaintwitcher

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Good hunt! @curtaintwitcher

  • Pros
    After I see your post I have checked the product on its website. It has a really good quality and comfortable to use. As a person who loves listening music most of the days and also loves to use headphone when I'm playing video games, the most important 2 things are the quality of the product and the comfort. In this recfect I would like to have it one!
  • Cons
    In spite of the quality of the product, the price is still quite high.

I will be waiting your new hunts!

Hi, @curtaintwitcher, Nice Hunt
Here is my opinion about your product.


  • Earpads and headband are very comfortable.
  • It has replaceable cable and ear-pads, headband.
  • Great customer service.
  • Detailed yet fun sounding signature – best headphone as far as i think.


  • Expensive apart from that a very cool and useful product.

Thank you for sharing your opinions @adnanrabbani

Good hunting:

the headphones are very good because the sound is clear and you can put it to your liking listen to your music series or movies with a clear sound and with high quality it succeeds in reducing environmental noise!

Product defect:

The only defect that I see the product is that they are very expensive for headphones

Hey @adriant845, thank you for review!


This gadget is something that every music lover should really have because the headphones do bring out quality sounds and it will make you enjoy the music you are listening to,if you are looking for a device that will bring out the right sound of a music when listening to it then this gadget is for you because the headphones produces quality sounds and the speaker is also loud too

The gadget is a gadget that you do not have to spend plenty money before you can buy it

The gadget can be used with many devices



Loved the overall looks and design of the headphone. Since i do lot of gaming and my headphones is about to break off, so i am searching here and there . I may go through it once but one issue is the price which is questionable otherwise It has awesome sound experience and feels comfy too. Great Hunt


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