Carv Walking Bike - The Kinda Nightmarish Self Powered Walking Bike

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Carv Walking Bike

The Kinda Nightmarish Self Powered Walking Bike


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Hunter's comment

Could you IMAGINE THIS THING coming at you on the street!! Haha! definitely some kind of steampunky horror film in the making, but designer Theo Jansen has such a ridiculous grasp of motion and physics that I had to share the video that elaborates on this technology...

Check out his concept video!


Yes terrifying, but as I'm sure you've noticed, the only thing powering the larger models is wind! Could you imagine if these were adapted to be eco-people movers!?

Just please don't mix them with AI. Thanks! 😅



Hunter: @dayleeo

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What the... Looks like a Spider-bike and it definitely must be scary at nights, still, looks like the guy is making some effort so it might be useful to strengthen people's legs. Very curious hunt. Cheers!

haha i couldnt help but share something that looked so crazy! even if its not practical its the design that i think is important- iterations! talk about reinventing the wheel! @jonsnow1983

This is interesting @dayleeo. I wonder what motivates the owner/designer of this product. It seems to me that it is used for farming.

hmm thats an interesting concept @themanualbot !


Pros and Cons
-This thing is so cool liking, awesomely designed
-good proof of mechanics

-very low energy efficiency, i think it will be very hard to climb hills

hills may pose a problem. good point

Hhahaha...Why in the world would anyone want to buy such a bike? Beats Me. Its amazing how how far people are willing to stretch their creativity in the name of creativity. This would make a great interior decor center piece though :D

the age old question of form versus function! though the form is pretty scary- i think the wind powered applications in the larger vehicles are so damn cool- the bike im sure is the entrypoint haha @elsiekjay

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Great hunt @dayleeo!

I'd like one just to record people's faces while I pass by with one of these.

P.S: Are we going to see people racing using these? That would be funny too.

yes youd definitely need to pair this one with a go pro @ady-was-here !

No one would really have imagined the inventions of this kind of bike and hats off to the creativity of the designer. It would catch the attentions of many people if you are riding this one on street, people might go crazy even, but for me this is an excellent design.

Thank you and Have a great day.

great hunt

This bike will give nightmares to the people ,such an excellent design it is .hope to see it soon on our streets.

Best of luck

I was searching Internet it came to in front of me Carv walking bike yes this bike is walking. Where do you want you can use very easy in road, sea, beach and any more way.

haha its almost crawling, haha still creeps me out @sopranos !

It's moving like a worm crawling. Really awesome.
Here's my personal opinion
Pros :

  • be able to get people's attention
  • cool design

Cons :

  • It looks like it can't move fast.

Looks like an alien is following you and is going to grab you soon, LOL. Crazy innovation, its going to get attention on all people on road.

haha yeah a head- turner for sure @sanmi !

You really know where to find the most interesting products out there. I wouldn't say it's an improvement to the regular cycling bike in terms of functionality, but what it is is a masterpiece. Like something from Davinci's notebooks. As always, great find.

yes! that's exactly what they remind me of , and thank you! part dali, part davinci and part tim burton haha <3 @cryptocopy

Lol! That's so true with the Tim Burton reference. Like something Jack O' Lantern would ride in the Nightmare Before Christmas.

yes! haha- it looks like your profile pic is a little burton-esque too ! @cryptocopy

Probably not a bike we will see many people to buy, but it will certainly stand out when riding one! Like to try it in my little city of Amsterdam and see what happens :) The coolness of the technology is beyond scale. The Beach Animal, is almost like a perpetuum mobile; It certainly looks elegant. If it ever will make the self driven bike, that is questionable though :)

haha i wonder what people in amsterdam would think! @edje

another great hunt from @dayleeo. Cool! It is very awesome and the design is amazing. I am shocked to see the last tire is not present and it is replaced by the new thing. LOl, thanks for sharing.


The design and shape of the bike looks very cool and unique. It looks like a spider. But I am wondering how fast can it be. In the gif, it looks very slow and the rider seems to ride it very hard lol.

not the most practical but the underlying technology especially concerning wind power is interesting to me :D @ray147880

Wow , so the designer had to make this hilarious moving bikes in different shapes ? Hehehe it made me laugh when it moves

its a bit creepy but the fact that it works at all is [email protected]

I have visited its site to review the bike. Indeed the design is terrifying but it has ability to move so it has mobility. The back is like a spider. If they design the same in the front wheel, it would be more terrifying than now :). Other things on the video are also interesting, he is really creative. Maybe they can use the wind on this bike too.

a wind powered bike would be soo cool! @kaneko

wow. this is cool, although it is kinda weird, but this is really good product shown. I would love to try it for sure. the creativity just hit the max.

like something out of a crazy movie right ? @bboyady

Ya, true.. lol

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the movement of the bike is funny and if i rename it spider walking bike the back movement look like a walking spider. i actually imagining the stress to ride this. A nightmarish hunt

haha if nightmarehunt ever launches ill be ahead of the game !!@eprolific

i can already feel the pain of the rider by just watching the GIF
but looks cool, just need to ride it for me to confirm

Theo Jansen have worked with NASA with his designs to develop some robots for Mars expeditions and have to admit some of his designs look strange but are in the same time Eco-friendly solutions... Great hunt!

oh wow i didnt know his work history- i guess if youve got a genius brain like that you just never stop inventing! @georgemales

Nice Bike.It is little horrifying ,but i could say that if this bike comes to our street it will increase the population of eco-freindly movers . Great Hunt!

now this looks creepy and stressful but i certainly want to be the first to try it out :-D

could be fun, as long as you don't have long hari! 😱 @music-tuto

the craziest people are those who have the most creative and special inventions

HOLD UP, what the heck was that? this is the definition of genius and innovative, sorry Elon Musk you can go home and live peacefully.

LOL this is one of the best steemhunt comments ive ever seen. @seif #gohomeleon ;)

Really a amazing technology, they thought oposit to create this walking bicycle. good hunt

Woow, the larger model is really mind blowing

yeah isnt that wild! almost looks like it cant be real! @ninuola

so funny :D

@dayleeo, I had to read it again and again to see if I read correctly about such a funny bike. It must be difficult to cycle and takes lots of energy. Such creativity and for that a great hunt.

thanks so much @rosatravels ! Yeah it's weird one for sure

This looks like hard work. Plus funny AF.

Interesting hunt! Congrats @dayleeo

gotta keep it interesting right? @kid4life

Tour de .....Carv Walk!

LOL even more nightmares! @helix

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wow its half bike half beast

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