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The Mobile Mall


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Hunter's comment

Yikes, I fear this may be the mast major blow for the Shopping Mall as we know it. Personally, I absolutely hate going to the mall and I certainly avoid it at all costs but growing up it was a fun place to hang out with friends.

Now kids hang out with their friends on Discord and Twitch so i doubt they'll care too much to lose the mall either...

"Dote is essentially an online mall that personalizes the shopping experience for the user and enables one to search through their favorite brands in one convenient place."-source

It seems that the big mall brands caught up to the fact that people just want to buy stuff from their phones, so Dote has combined all the stores you'd expect to see in the mall in one easy to use app.

Kinda smart if you ask me, going from store to store is a thing of the past.



Hunter: @dayleeo

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This application is saving a lot of our time, and makes shopping easier simply by surfing online. It has many brands and many great products. I do not see a cons expect them working more on marketing.

yeah i agree, might be a top 50 app in the next year who knows !!@enisshkurti

This is some kind of an awesome portable mall in your hands. You can go through it easily any time any where. Its gonna get some huge ease to the people

well thats something really awesome and how much time is it gonna take for that?? but its okay once we can imagine it that we can do it!

Wow, Discount! It's Girls' think, good, so I don't have to be dampened in the mall waiting for them to shop ... lol #kidding
I like their words "Life is short, buy the thing" it's like confirming.. buy or die, haha.., by the way, coolhunting @dayleeo, nice!

wow ! awesome hunt

You don't need to go from shop to shop and exhaust yourself ,Dote let's you shop from your home .

Thank-you for this hunt

hi ... you always hunt down the product that suits you best and this is cool @dayleeo.

Shopping becomes easier when we already have this application. All categories of shopping you want are available, with the best price offer.

The best is: Free Shiping On Your First Order: D

anything that saves me going to the mall... i'm about! @calprut ;)

It's a great hunt, it certainly simplifies the shopping process, although I think some women will still prefer to go to the mall to measure their clothes and my wife does it to find out if they need a size and then buys the same brand that was measured on the internet, ha hahaha.

thanks @difelice5000 early morning when it's totally dead the mall can be kinda nice, also a great way to get exercise, but youre right its not very time efficient especially if they have to order for you anyway lol

Pros and Cons
-Many different stores available, with most are the big brands and long time online shops
-Reduce consumer times to browse different shops

-ONline shopping is never the same as physically there

A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!! Shopping has never been more fun! Online shopping these days is no stranger to us. For some people, it is routine. But for those, who have yet to experience it or don't really shop online much, the sky's the limit! There's so much out there. The convenience of online shopping has truly enhanced the trading industry efficient and proactive. Through this app, we are able to shop for various brands and a variety of items too!

although i really dislike shopping for clothes, the idea of being able to search for an item through multiple stores is really cool to me :) @gelfire ! Means less HUNTING for what you need - a few weeks ago I went to like 6 stores trying to find a pair of shorts and I came home empty handed and ended up ordering on amazon, i think some of these companies are finally waking up ;)

Consolidating all these shops into one big online marketplace seems like a good idea. But when it comes to shopping, I still prefer going to malls so I can actually see what I'm buying, feel the materials and check the fit. Nonetheless, the app seems to have a good mix of brands advertised already. It might be worth checking out, at the very least.

yeah like i said im not a big shopper and certainly not a fashionista but not having to go to the mall is something I can get behind! lol @cryptocopy

Lol! True. I may like buying my clothes in the mall, but there are other things that I'd rather buy online.


Saves enough time and you can choose Any products From different and brand Store

Good Products+No extra Fees!



In future this type of app will be addictive. Dote app provides a great user experience and the cutting of middlemen price will be really affordable.Thanks for this app @dayleeo

Oh wow! I think that product is sake for us. That you write a cool hunting.

Wow! All things are together here, I think it will be more benefited for us. Nice Hunting.


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