Pretty Pokets - A sleek diaper backpack and handbag for moms 👩

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Pretty Pokets

A sleek diaper backpack and handbag for moms 👩



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Pretty Pokets

This product is a stylish and practical diaper bag that clarify the procedure of diapering. This product is the only diaper bag with a permit pending "Diaper Dispenser Feature". No additional digging for diaper. This product is an variable cross body strap so you can erode the bag hands free.


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Hi @deong,

Thanks for your hunt. Sadly enough I can not approve it because this product doesn’t fit Steemhunt’s product scope. If it were a crowdfunding campaign I would have approved it because the audience then decides, lacking that this product is neither tech nor solves any huge need.

Accordingly I have delisted your hunt from Steemhunt as per Steemhunt posting guidelines, section 2:

2. Types of Products to Post

Steemhunt generally covers unique IT or hardware products, including:

2-1. Web services
2-2. Mobile apps
2-3. API, IT solutions, bots, open sources or other types of software
2-4. Tech gadgets, hardware, IoT/connected/wearable devices
2-5. Games
2-6. Innovative Engineering/Design Products (It may cover non-tech products that have been invented based on high-level engineering/design approach to solve a major problem)

wow i also like this. actually this are made by leather. hopefully this are mainly important things for students and office People cause they easily carry their necessary. i also seen your content related video that's why i am very interest this things. anyway thanks to share this.

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